COTO Report Submission Guidelines

Here, we provide well-written original articles, art, film, music – news or opeds – even humor.

There are editorial standards (CMOS), but I’m open to feedback. I’ve worked professionally with authors, so I understand the need for a writer to maintain his or her voice. Most corrections I make are punctuation, sometimes a little rearrangement, adding a link to support a statement, and to remove ambiguity.  I also reserve the right to refuse (delete) any piece (or comment) if I believe it violates WordPress Terms of Service or if it just didn’t fit this site.  

Basically, no hate speech, keep it relatively clean (doesn’t have to be squeaky clean), provide a fresh perspective on the events of the day, or significant items of historical import, investigative reports, real news, interviews, art, reviews, music, YouTubes. I’m Libertarian Left, but I’m open to new ideas from across the political spectrum. 

I’ve invited several writers/artists I already know and trust. My hope is not to have to edit since I’ll be working the website, and building the reputation of COTO Report. If you want to submit a piece, send it to me at drum4peace [at] gmail dotcom. Due to the volume of mail I receive, I’ll probably answer you.

My goal is to create a weekly newsletter of professional quality. Maybe even get ads, eventually, and do other fundraising activities. If we get to the point we earn enough income, I’d like to pay our contributors. Knowing how most online sites continually beg for money, I’d be surprised if we ever reach that point, but, hey, this is the USA – everything runs on money, right?

If you want the weekly COTO Report, drop me an email – drum4peace [at] gmail dotcom – with SUBSCRIBE TO COTO REPORT in the subject. 

moi-personality-175-x-170 titsTweet non-original work

Instead of posting snippets of unoriginal work here, members can recommend other articles found on the web thru Twitter. Tell me your user name and I’ll set up a widget that will show which articles you recommend. (You can tweet your own articles, too.) 

Author Permitted Reposts

Several authors have given me standing permission to repost their work, so some of that will appear here. You can post articles by other people. Be sure to include a byline and a link to the original post.

Gum Wall

Note the Gum Wall where members can post ideas, thoughts, feelings, youtubes, etc. Come up with topics we should cover, etc. Serious issues that affect the site or any members should be discussed via email. 

Thanks for jumping on… let’s have fun while waking up the sleeping giant!

~ Rady

30 responses to “COTO Report Submission Guidelines

  1. as rady goes, so goes the degan.

    Nice to meet’cha!

  2. I don’t Tweet, do Facebook, MySpace or any of the other data mining “social networks”. Will that matter? Marti

  3. As I predicted, the COTO crew site has deteriorated quickly and is now awash in vulgar language and comments. Appears to me that the “men” there are now oozing testosterone from every key on their keyboards; most of them now vowing to spread gossip and rumors, to express their outrage if their backs somehow are against the wall…….personally I don’t know how a newsite could cause such paranoia and bullfrogging, but it apparently has.


    • a bunch of gossipy old men will never effect positive change in the world. issues with authority, issues with women, issues with Jews, issues with homosexuals… too many issues to do the world any good.

      8-24-09 UPDATE: One of my fave men over there, Mr M, asked me if I was referring to him above. No, but the way he asked the question was instructive… he changed the words slightly, saying I called them “vulgar old men.” In Gran Torino, Clint Eastwood shows how their cultural vulgarity – with all its racist, sexist, violent, bullfrogging ooze, is merely vulgar – not something they actually believe or act on. Then he gets involved in physically defending a targeted class, proving the point.

      I commented on Kevin Gosztola’s review, saying, in part:

      “I thought the over-the-top racist (ethnic slur) dialogue presented a new idea: that the language more honestly reflects a recognition that ‘us and them’ mentality is superfluous. None of these men meant harm with their slurs; instead, they’re used for rough verbal volley. No harm, no foul.

      “Don’t get me wrong; I believe violent language leads to violent action. I’m just saying the film presented a new take on racist and sexist monikers and ethnic slurs.”

      So, as much as I can appreciate the satiric value of non-PC language, I cannot abide it in my world. I cannot hear any targeted class of people smeared verbally. I know it has an effect – look at the statistics. It’s a whole lot easier for Drunk Joe to punch a woman after he spent the afternoon with the boys mocking women.

      Don’t say what you don’t mean, don’t name your fears so often that you create the reality. Don’t diss volunteers who put 20 hours a week into your community site. I believe language is potent. It’s cost me job advancements and girlfriends. And it’s cost people me.

      I’m here to have a good time. Yes, the world is falling apart… it always is. (The struggle against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting.) I’m here to share the burden of informing the public, of providing a place where important voices can be heard, or amplified. I’d rather not be insulted based on gender, race, religion, physical capacity, nation of origin, or political perspective. I don’t mind debate – you guys debate. I’d rather spend time reading articles and deciding which ones should get posted here.

  4. Rady:-) your’e here:-) I feel better!
    I am really amazed at how phhhht, it got over what seemed to me..a minor(ish) issue.copyright? started all this…
    maybe i need to rename my self “oblivious”? i am perfectly happy with how and what I was seeing, and expect anything I write to be open and available for others to copy whatever. and if I cross a line , I expect to be told, so I can rework.
    hormones and egos. not a good combo.
    I am so glad I have neither:-)
    Like marti- I dont twitter face or whatever, i hate evenusing yahoo mail as they data mine so much!
    I just hope? we can continue to post, and be read, and stay focused on the REAL issues, lies deception and control!
    I do think that the over the top issues and language should be kept to personal blogs, which is what I did when drOP ed refused items. Barb and Jerri at rfd offered me an outlet, and thats all I wanted, no one has to agree or believe me, I just want the option to be there.,
    AJ looses cred due to the few idiots that post inane and foul comments, No way! do we want to follow that example, it brings the site down from info, and into the area where mainstream can openly diss it as rabble ,Know nothing and
    mindless fools.
    not a good look.!

    • so glad you came by, Oz ~ I get worried when friends hang out with lunatics. 🙂 I know you like to send article notices out, so you really might like Twitter. anything online is data-mined. WP only offers us certain widgets, and Twitter is one of them. If you look at the left column, you’ll see my twitter feed and Claudia’s twitter feed. btw, if you do decide to sign up for twitter, I suggest you also sign up for It shortens the URLs for you and automatically posts them to Twitter. PLUS, it keeps track of the number of hits to your tweet. that’s the best benefit – it shows you what topics interest people.

      there’s another trick with twitter, too – use the hash mark (pound sign) before a topic name so when people search by topic, they’ll find your tweet. for example, some folks use #H1N1 – and it gets picked up by dozens of others who are interested in swine flu news.

      welcome aboard!

      ~ Rady

  5. This seems to be a natural progression for COTO. A serious news site for those who understand what it takes to get down to business, and a blogsite to keep the masses happy throwing darts at each other. I will be staying on at the other site to help Patrick out, but will reserve any original stuff for this site, and post links only at the other. This is how I see it working.

    • good idea; and very generous of you, considering how they started throwing darts at you! (well, that’s the natural progression, too, once they didn’t have me as a target, move on to the next woman. 🙂

  6. Oh! somebody just kill me. I just signed onto that Twitter thing and of course I can’t get it to display on my site or get it to do anything else either. I just hate this techie crap. Whatever happened to just talking to one another?

  7. Those are reasonable enough guidelines to write by. Clean but not squeaky clean. That would describe my stuff.


    Tom Degan

  8. lol… funny and tragic, John. actually, I do accept AP and even MLA, if the writer is consistent. Once we get syndicated with the foreign press, and our articles are being read by millions, then I’ll have to get real cranky about style.

    meanwhile, how’d the speech go?

  9. looks like this is about to go off the bottom of the page- can you put it on a tab for easy reference by newcomers?

  10. hey, coto2 members ~ will you send me a 2-line bio so I can update our ABOUT page?

    like, this is the one I’m thinking of using:

    Every social justice cause faces a corporation as its enemy. Well, our government is corporate owned. So what are we gonna do about it?

  11. umm. mental silly putty..hope theres no rush.?

  12. Ahhh….a respite from the developing primate house.

    • I totally respect people’s right to abuse each other… and I reserve the right to remove myself. 🙂 thanks for your defense of me last week. It was greatly appreciated.

  13. ok, Claudia thinks we oughta post article snippets. mix it up a little bit.

    can I get a vote on this?

    maybe i’ll try posting a poll

  14. Oops- I meant a mix of acerbic and thoughtful.

    Maybe I should have Tweeted that spy phone post instead?

    • well, Oz doesn’t like Twitter, so maybe we can get her to start posting here if she’s allowed to post article snippets.


      really, I’m not the ogre they make me out to be. lol… I’m willing to go with the flow

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