Congratulations! You are now officially a ‘domestic terrorist’

const burnt by dhsBy Marti Oakley

Congratulations!  You are now officially a “domestic terrorist” and considered to be the greatest threat to the government.  You are the newly defined terrorist the government fears most. Please refer to the John Warner Defense Authorization Act of 2007 which allows the president to declare you a “domestic terrorist” if you disagree with government policy or participate in dissenting views……which you have done if you accessed this article.

When our government speaks of terrorists, I bet you think they are talking about someone “over there”.  NOT!  They aren’t concerned with foreign terrorists, after all they perform a very necessary function.  Anything they do is used to terrorize us into willingly going along with newer and ever better assaults on our freedom.  The only thing our government truly fears is your access to information which might conflict with the steady flow of talking points and other created media flotsam used to sway your thinking.  To combat this distressful turn of events, this dissemination of information as opposed to “what we want you to think” called news reporting or government statements, congress has decided that we need to allow them to shut off all communications should the heat become too much.   Enter the Cybersecurity Act of 2009.  More aptly titled the : “Crap!  You weren’t supposed to know that!” bill. 

I have concluded the only reason the Cybersecurity Act of 2009 was introduced is due to the free flow of information on the net, enabling an otherwise clueless public to actually see the dirty deeds committed by those in congress who swore to uphold the Constitution and to defend it.

No one could read too much of the legislation passed in the last eight years, or the planned legislation now in motion in congress and reasonably conclude these parasites on the public are working for us.  The Cybersecurity Act (CSA) will effectively allow the government to throw a newly planned “kill switch”, shutting down the entire net and the flow and communication of information. 

As usual, whenever another rights robbing piece of unconstitutional legislation is working its way through the cursory levels of congress before being voted on, the compliant mainstream media dutifully reports on claimed “attacks” for which there seems to be no evidence other than someone in the Fed issued a statement.  Recently, China….or was it North Korea?  Maybe Cuba?  Somehow hacked into some super duper system in government and shut the whole thing down.  I don’t intend to be vague here about how and where and why…..I just didn’t pay much attention as these kinds of reports have become far too convenient whenever another power grab by the Fed is about to take place. 

So if I understand the CSA correctly….. without this act and for some reason:

  • The government can’t prevent hackers from entering and shutting down what is claimed to be the most advanced technological system in the world.
  • They don’t have enough common sense to focus on what may be real problems and can only protect us if they are allowed to target the nation as a whole.
  • All the taxpayer funds that were allocated to build what was supposed to be a state of the art system, were wasted
  • Through the PROMIS program, and international agreements with other countries, we are “information sharing”, allowing access to intelligence and surveillance info through NORTHCOM and with countries around the world…..and congress is now afraid of  “hackers” they claim are getting into government systems and need the power to shut down communications, including the net…across the board to US citizens…..and that will make us safe.  From whom?
  • Terrorists might invade our home computers and brainwash us all into being terrorists.

Here’s the thing about our Congress:  they have absolutely no problem in colluding with multi-national corporations, no problem with allowing other countries to access our information, to undermine our sovereignty, to sell off our infra-structure, to sell out America at large or to stand by idly while a massive and invasive and unconstitutional surveillance system is put in place violating so many tenets of our Constitutional rights that it simply boggles the mind.  They do, however, have a huge problem with you knowing what they did.  How do we know what they did?  Much of it is on the net.  This makes anyone who accesses the net looking for this information, a threat. 

The idea that for some reason those in government charged with the duty of protecting the country could not perform their duty unless this act is passed, unless they can shut off all communications to the entire country including the use of the net, should be viewed for what it is:  An admission that they are incapable of performing their duties at even a marginal level and now have become so frightened of the same people they have betrayed on so many levels they are openly moving against them out of fear.

We need a moratorium on congress.  Allowing these two houses of government to continue as is, without a significant overhaul and return to Constitutional law and order is the biggest mistake we, as a collective population, could make at this time.  Congress no longer serves the people, and has not served the public for several years.

What I consider to be one of the biggest and most insulting actions by members of congress is the waving around of pocket copies of the Constitution.  These same people will vote against the public and in favor of unconstitutional laws, which are null and void on their face, without ever once even glancing at that document or acknowledging that what they have just done is unconstitutional.  Those who don’t carry a copy, simply operate as though our Constitution doesn’t exist, or even if it does, it somehow does not apply to what they are doing.

We have compliantly allowed government to trash the Constitution and to expand Federal power through successive administrations.  At what point will we demand our country back?


© 2009 Marti  Oakley

July 29, 2009

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