Half to two-thirds Rapid Tests wrong about swine flu

h1n1 spltREUTERS, August 6, 2009
CDC’s first study finds cases missed at least half the time

The team at CDC’s influenza division tested three popular diagnostics — BinaxNow, made by Inverness Medical Innovations, Becton Dickinson’s Directigen EZ Flu A+B test and Quidel’s QuickVue.

The QuickVue test detected 69 percent of the H1N1 cases, the Directigen test found 49 percent and BinaxNow caught just 40 percent.

None can distinguish among the different types of flu — they just tell a patient and a doctor if one of the flu viruses is there.  [emphasis added]

In its latest update, the World Health Organization last week reported 162,230 confirmed cases of the pandemic H1N1 virus and 1,154 deaths, but the CDC says more than a million people in the United States alone have been infected.

Read full story here.

[Ed. note: Also see Independent UK OpEd, The hidden truth behind drug company profits, August 5, 2009.]

One response to “Half to two-thirds Rapid Tests wrong about swine flu

  1. if they didnt make billions a year in profit, and spend obscene amounts on adverts, I,d feel happier that they need some assistance to market. however as this is NOT the case, I consider the cry about too much red tape is a ploy to erase the little screening they have now.
    as it is ghostwritten and censored data is rampant.
    trials of toxic pschyc drugs done on as few as 12 people for 6 weeks can get a product approved…no way! is that good.
    Its a sham industry run by egos and for biiiig money.
    it kills many thousands per year, legally. alternatives have my vote. why not allow them? cos most arent patented, and they cant profit from it, pure and simple.
    centuries of reliable results are decried as unscientific…well, gee science is NOT doing that well just quietly. 40 years of war on Cancer and more die every year..
    some success rate hey?
    but anyone vanishing a cancer in any other way is said to have not had it??? after their own data says they did…
    with that sort of logic? we are told to trust them..nope!

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