US trains, funds Honduran coup

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Introduction by Rady Ananda

Since the 1950s, the US, thru its Dept. of Defense, has sponsored or supported military establishments throughout South and Central America over Left-leaning, progressive governments.

WHISK (fka School of the Americas*) trains military generals who then return home and overthrow their government — like two of the Honduran generals who ousted the democratically elected president at gunpoint in June.

The US refuses to call this a military coup. Hillary Clinton called President Zelaya’s attempt to re-enter his country “reckless.” The European Union denounced the coup and cut off all aid. The US has refused to do so, and continues to send US aid to Honduras. The US funds dictatorship over election results.

What has Obama changed, exactly?  

He behaves like past Presidents … serving the military-industrial-medico-media complex. [We have to add “medico” now, given the lab-created WHO flu, with threat of martial law and WHO usurpation of power in all nations. (lol…. it’s almost breathtaking in its grandiosity.) See Biological Warfare and the National Security State: A Chronology.]

SOA Grads involved in Zelaya coup (SOAW)


The Honduran Battle for Washington (RNN)


Democracy Now! Generals of Honduras Military Coup Trained at the School of the Americas (1 of 2)


Democracy Now! Generals of Honduras Military Coup Trained at the School of the Americas (2 of 2)


*Formerly known as the School of the Americas, now known as the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security and Cooperation (“winsec” or “whisk”).

If you wanna buy and/or distribute !Presente, which is covering the coup from the inside (as much as possible), contact SOAW.

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