WHO Flu, Indeed

Just some stuff I found that had me chuckling:

In spite of dropping numbers, and nowhere near the dramatic death count hyped up by CDC and Manufacturers..

Swine flu lull after dramatic fall in cases – Health News, Health & Families – The Independent

You still find chaps like this one… below.

The Doctor’s World – Seeking Lessons in Swine Flu Fight – NYTimes.com

Oddly enough, I suggest that pregnant and obese deaths from the seasonal flu would also be higher than the average citizen too… But  it’s a handy scare factor that’s been hyped up. He ADMITS there is NO PRIOR  data for anyone to be able to claim this in truth… A Nurse friend says more are aborting though (how come no mention of that? in US?)

And, personally, I went off the deep end, no samples taken- no follow ups being done, about time someone suggested it… Sheesh… World Health? What health?

CDC, about as useful as FDA in a food issue, or USDA to Organics! Bugger all!

BIG Q?? anyone notice how Dr Chan suddenly dropped out when they announced world Vacc being needed? and using Live attenuateds as being ok to do?? I suspect she may have some ethics?? maybe? and she refused…so they grabbed a lackey to say the words. Views or updates appreciated:-)

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