Marti Oakley Busts Big Ag’s Food Control Plans: Codex, NAIS, HR 2749, HR 875

resist_nwo smlFood and farm warrior, Marti Oakley, spends nearly an hour discussing the corporate take-over of our food supply thru various laws, regulations and international trade agreements. Spend an hour listening to this radio interview – for the facts and overview, but also to get to know her, a true freedom-lover fighting multi-national corporations.

She starts speaking at close to 5:30 into this mp3 file:

This is the first part of the two-hour interview. Jason Littlejohn promises to broadcast the rest of the interview next week.

Marti runs the Proud Political Junkies Gazette and writes at and the COTO Report.

6 responses to “Marti Oakley Busts Big Ag’s Food Control Plans: Codex, NAIS, HR 2749, HR 875

  1. If nothing else illustrates more clearly that we are currently in a hot-war with our very government, I don’t know what does.

    The hardest part of our mission right now is to convince people that if we do not act NOW and stand-up to these bastards, that tomorrow will be too late. Yet it is the shear magnitude of the crime itself that freezes people into disbelief. For as long as they see no disruption in supply, they can’t grasp that tomorrow this supply can be shut-off as simply as shutting off a switch.

    A vast majority of people simply don’t have a clue, and wouldn’t know Monsanto, or CODEX Alimentarius, from a
    house bill that will make them slaves, or worse.

    I prey I’m wrong, but I can’t shake the feeling that by this time two years from now half the people, or more, on this planet will be dead, and that’s a best case scenario.

    I don’t plan on being one of them, but I don’t like my odds either. But I can say this, if indeed we can hold it to 50% loss, we’ll win. We’ll crush those that have polluted our species to a point we resemble the Devil more than a creation of God.

    And even if I should survive and witness a birth of a true freedom, it will be a bitter-sweet victory for all the loss of innocents that will be swallowed by the blackness that is trying to consume us.

    May God grant me the strength to save as many innocent lives until that day of victory blossoms, And even if I don’t get to see it myself, may I be granted the strength to overcome my sorrow, so that everyday I can lift someone up that they may in turn do the same.

    We are, and have been, at war. Act accordingly.

    We did not declare this war, nor seek it. But by all that is Holy, we will, by God, see it to the end. And this time, when our victory is declared, we will not allow a trace of the spawn of the Devil alive. So completely must we erase those that have fostered this war upon us that before we see the likes of them again, this planet would have run it’s course and become a cold burnt cinder of it’s former self.

    • Bravo, Mr M ~ Is it TV that hypnotizes them into passivity? Combined with drugs in the food supply? Fluorine in the water?

      Or are there socio-economic factors at play? There’s a great essay here exploring why the masses have not revolted.

      He makes some very informative points – but I don’t think they cover the whole picture.

      Maybe a combination of all these elements.

      Meanwhile, you, me and many, many others continue to rattle the cages of the self-imprisoned… pray they wake up soon.

  2. Lovely to hear Martis Voice, and even better to hear what we know getting out to a wider audience, I will do my bit to make it world wider:-)
    Mr M also inspiring, 🙂
    As someone one the outside looking in,
    I think the vaccine and manufactured pandemic ,
    and public resistance and refusals
    will enable conveniently declared martial law, just a bit before the banks and markets take a zeppelin landing, crash and burn in a big way.
    internet is being censored and blocked, NOW!
    then NO ONE can do anything for a minimum of 6mths, and the laws will be enacted, enforced and people the guests of Fema accommodation.
    and just one man, with no consultation can do it.
    4 1/2 months till there is nothing left of what used to be
    And whats left will resemble a dictatorship/fascist? regime.
    I am genuinely very concerned for all my friends there.

  3. i know, and thats another worry:-( the best , brightest and alert, caring and intelligent individuals are going to be the ones to take the brunt of it.
    the sheeple just stand , or mill round ,wring their hands, say don’t rock the boat, poor us, call you nasty rebels and traitors to our allknowing ( I am gaggging) wise government, and do sweet FA to look out for their own asses!
    wont help themselves, wont help you either.and will be hands out to take advantage of whomever triumphs.
    I would love to have a feel of the percentage of people who are aware of the ugly reality.And will stand up to protest.

    If there were 30 million of the 330 mill, approx total pop, ((-discount ? for young and elderly? inactive sheeple?) 200k)
    , active warmongers and industrial giants and people who feed off them, government and main and private armies..
    one hell of an unbalanced fight!

  4. One of the things I have observed when reflecting on all the articles exposing this takeover of food, NAIS, and all the other treasonous actions taking place within the District of Criminals, is the lack of any response from them. The closest we have come to any real discourse with the public is the staged town hall meetings where Republican sympathizers (probably the same group who thought Bush was appointed by God) are attacking Democratic leaders.

    Don’t get me wrong here……as is planned….the current proposal for healthcare reform is unacceptable. But thats another subject.

    The point is, no matter how much we write, speak and fight back we get no response, no recognition of our opposition. We must find a way to change this. These people must be held to account for their actions and forced to defend their anti-American positions.

    If they can hold town hall meetings on this bogus health reform…..they can damn sure hold them for responding to the massive backlash agianst this food fascism.

    I have some ideas on that that I will try to put together. Anyone who has ideas of their own…..pass them along.

    To OZ: Personally, I think I have a very strange sounding voice and for some reason seem to have some kind of accent originating from sources unknown. I was unaware that this accent or dialect was even present in my speech until I heard my own voice recorded. Where in the world am I from? LOL!

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