Military funding precludes Medicare for All

Here are some toons and graphs that capture the zeitgeist. 

Scott Santis image tweaked

Scott Santis image tweaked

Much apology to Scott Stantis for my tweaking of his labels (and adding a couple more).

Well, but of course we can’t afford healthcare for the masses – not when we have to pay for illegal resource wars that benefit multinational corporations:

military economy x pslweb.orgOkay, so some folks are skeered of “socialism” – eeks!  (MSM propaganda has done its job well.)  Heaven forbid we should pool our dollars to help everyone rather than everyone enriching the few!  So, here’s a graph from

2009 gov chart x

Remember Calvin & Hobbes?  Years ago, he predicted that Wall Street robbery that BushObama enabled:

Calvin+Hobbs-Subsidize panel 1aCalvin+Hobbs-Subsidize panel 1bCalvin+Hobbs-Subsidize panel 2aCalvin+Hobbs-Subsidize panel 2bCalvin+Hobbs-Subsidize panel 3aCalvin+Hobbs-Subsidize panel 3bSmart kid.

On a more serious note, another view of capitalism:



One final thought:

capitalsm (500 x 408) copy


3 responses to “Military funding precludes Medicare for All

  1. if you’re interested in a personal perspective, in narrative, regarding some of these issues, go here:

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