Senator Sanders Unfiltered: Healthcare Reform 101

Single payer is the most cost-effective way to cover every man, woman and child in this nation, as many other countries do. Medicare for All is the best solution to our healthcare crisis. 

The next best solution is to offer a public option that will compete with the private health insurance industry. Co-ops are ridiculous in this context.

7 responses to “Senator Sanders Unfiltered: Healthcare Reform 101

  1. Bernie Sanders? Really? We should let a self-defined socialist lead down the path to socialism? We should let the government have control over our healthcare? Exactly what has the government done in such a way as to make you think they are capable of handling healthcare? Medicare? It is going broke according to Obama. Social Security? Government has been stealing from Social Security for years, now it is on the brink of going broke. The Best way to handle healthcare is to mandate that everyone get health insurance, if they fail to do so, they get to pay the bill when they need to see a doctor.

    • ooh, and John Pilger, too… a SOCIALIST. Paint the argument red and you’ve won, right?

      We should let the insurance industry have control over our healthcare? Exactly what has that industry done to make you think they are capable of handling healthcare? Medicare? Their psychopathically sole (and legally mandated) aim is to deny coverage to make profit. Thanks to that industry’s contribution (along with Big Pharma and Big Food) to US healthcare, we are No. 37 in the world – with some THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES HAVING HEALTHIER STATS than the US.

      We die sooner and live sick longer than all other industrialized nations yet we pay twice as much or more for healthcare in the US. We have diseases that are rare in other nations. We have an epidemic of obesity and late onset diabetes. We have bizarre cancers.

      Speaking of who’s going broke – didn’t we just BAIL OUT AIG?

      The Best way to handle healthcare is to cut out the middle man – it’s destroying our nation. Time to let the insurance behemoths die.

      You don’t want the Gov to handle healthcare but you’re okay I guess with letting it handle our defense?

      Single payer – Medicare for All. Now. Let’s be No. 1 – let’s inaugurate The American Plan and show the world how we can (oh yes we can) have the best healthcare system in the world. No. 1 – not No. 37.

      Get rid of society’s parasitic industries and we’re on our way to longer, healthier lives.

      • It isn’t so much “painting the argument red,” red should be the argument, socialized healthcare is just a small part of it. Obama has surrounded himself with the far left extreme, he has selected confirmed communists and anarchists as his “czars,” the czars are not subject to congressional oversight and Obama now has more czars than any other president in recent history. Under Obama, the government has taken over banking, auto manufacturing, and is looking to take over healthcare, and has become America’s largest employer. That is socialism, and it is not a system that most Americans are willing to accept.
        “Thanks to that industry’s contribution (along with Big Pharma and Big Food) to US healthcare, we are No. 37 in the world – with some THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES HAVING HEALTHIER STATS than the US.”
        I would like to know where you got this tidbit of information. Considering that those people in other countries prefer to come here to get treated when their great single-payer systems turn them down, even you would have to admit that it sounds suspect. We have the highest cancer survival rate, and the longest life expectancy of any nation on earth.
        We do have the most expensive healthcare sytem in the world, but the reason is not insurance or big Pharmacy, the reason is a litigious society that sues at the drop of a hat. The threat of lawsuits forces doctors to order tests repeatedly, xrays to be read by 5 or 6 different places. these are the things that drive our healthcare costs through the roof, and the things that force insurance companies to raise their rates and cut their coverage. Government could fix that with tort reform, but any politician can tell you that there are no votes in blaming those at fault, so we won’t see tort reform.
        Obesity and diabetes are issues, but they have nothing to do with our healthcare system, they have to do with the lack of exercise and poor diets. Government can’t fix that, people have to take responsibility to fix that themselves.

        • No. 37 in the world in healthcare: World Health Organization, and several news sources that fleshed out further details (high infant mortality, etc.).

          No doubt there are different levels of service, depending on what you can afford. That’s part of the problem with US healthcare.

          Most expensive healthcare system in the world – no need for the insurance industry to serve as middleman (earning profits by denying care). Whether litigious or not, we certainly don’t need this added layer of cost.

          Tort reform is beyond the scope of this discussion for Medicare for All.

          Seventy percent of US food contains Genetically Modified Organism that some studies attribute to US obesity and diabetes. Government, at the behest of Monsanto and other biotech giants, bans the labeling of GMO food. We all know if food were so labeled, people would not buy it. If they didn’t buy it, our diabetes and obesity figures would likely drop. There is much the government can do in this regard. Provide us with full disclosure on mass-produced food.

  2. “World Health Organization is part ot the UN, since the UN is about as anti-American as any group out there, we can discount their opinion as being more than slightly biased. The only time the UN ever appreciates the US is when they need more money or want to send our troops into Somalia, Haiti, or any other combat zone that the UN wants to mandate, without sending in the militaries of the nations they do approve of. Since you don’t mention which news agencies, I can only assume you are thinking of ABC, CBS and NBC, all of which are in the tank for Obama and his welfare health care plan.
    Tort reform is “beyond the scope of this discussion” for two reasons. First, it is the real problem in healthcare costs and you aren’t truly interested in solving the problem. What you are interested in is giving government control over all aspects of lives, inc;luding healthcare. Second, tort reform puts the blame squarely on the shoulders of a litigious society rather than on the evil corporations that you leftists like to blame. God forbid we should blame those we need to use to gain the socialist society we want.
    In regards to GMO, if you don’t want to eat genetically modified food, do something about it. Grow a garden using heirloom vegetables, you can still get them. If you aren’t willing to do that, don’t sit there and whine like a three year old child. Take responsibility for your own life. I wouldn’t be so quick to blame obiety and diabetes on GMO’s. I wasn’t born yesterday, I have lived through the increase in obiesity and diabetes. I can tell you for a fact that lifestyle changes are the culprit, but it isn’t politically correct to “blame the victim.”
    People live a much more sedentary life now, they over eat, get almost no exercise. Twenty years ago, we drank a 12 oz sode that was made with sugar, now people get several one litre bottles that are made with corn syrup. Twenty years ago, kids went outside and played baseball, football, rode bicycles, ran, played and got exercise, now they watch cable tv and play compter games.

    • Well, the US controls WHO, so how “unAmerican” can it be? I guess it depends how you define that word.

      Every industrialized nation in the world has Medicare for All… we’ll live with the consequence of Gov bureaucracy much longer than we live under the health insurance industry which can only make profit by denying care.

      Fools! The Insurance Industry is using FEAR of Big Gov to scare you into clamoring for a plan that screws Americans, and enriches a corrupt institution (insurance).

      • It can be and is very un-American. The US finances the vast majority of the UN, but we get no support from the UN and are usually blamed for any problems. At the same time, the UN demands still more money from the US.
        I wouldn’t say every industrialized nation has medicare for all, but a lot do. The problem is that in every case of “Government coverage for all” the countries in question are denying care even more than your despised insurances companies do here. In Canada, the Government has admitted that their health care system is going broke, Canandians that can afford it come to the US to get care that they would be denied or have to wait 6 to 18 months for. In Britain, smokers are denied minor ankle surgery for being smokers(has nothing to do with an ankle), women are being denied breast cancer treatment for being too old, and the elderly are denied any care at all because they are too expensive and not productive enough.
        The difference between government run health care and the system we now have is that under the current system if I can’t get insurance to cover my health care I can still get the treatment I need, it is mandated; under the plan you want, the government will give me no option except to die.

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