Microwave = MurderWaves?

directed energy weapons PDG-300RifleShot (464 x 278)

This is an eclectic mix of a few pages that all mention a common factor; none are associated with the other. The fact that they are NOT sharing info really should set a shudder going, as they all DO have one theme in common:  the US Military is the biggest threat to the people of America, that you will — and have ever — faced.

First link is to a woman of courage and intelligence. Judy Woods, and some of her friends, that have really done their homework on the 911 fiasco. Boy, some psy ops work  on the American people there!

This link, and a thorough reading of her pages, I hope, will really make you consider a lot of the preconcieved media and government hype as…just that — media hype!


Now, you could scoff at her theory, but I do believe she is pretty correct.

DirectedEnergyWeapons x nationaldefensemagazine dotorgThe vehicles, so far away and so “toasted” using her expression, leads me to think it very very odd..I would suspect that it was a short burst to see it was working. All military flights were NOT flying? very weird.

Listening to this link however, leads me to consider that one plane did hit, but not directly..but from so high up no one saw it! And the HIT..wasnt what everyone was told they saw.

This man’s info is NOT to be ridiculed. I noted his statement that the info on Active Denial Systems, was declassified in 2001. Hmm? Then WHY did Youtube removed the links?  Violation of terms..HA HA.!

All that does is PROVE someone wanted to keep it hidden!

This clip, however, managed to stay put: guerre_stellari_english.wmv (video/x-ms-wmv Object)

Producer of the film clip mentions Afghanistan.. Judy mentions Iraq, and ONE picture of a vehicle there is among the toasted pics.


Moving to a different, yet connected, story.

Raytheon is now putting this technology into the civillian market. ‘Pain Ray’ First Commercial Sale Looms – WIRED

Whats wrong with this report? Quite a lot actually!

Love the bit about association with torture. Since when did that stop them at all?

directed energy weapon SR-xadsThe Active Denial System was first unveiled in 2001, but a series of delays have prevented it from being fielded in spite of requests for it in Iraq. Danger Room reported the wrangling in 2006 and in 2008, with the Defense Science Board conclusion that deployment was “not politically tenable” because of a possible association with torture. This would be particularly true if the weapon was used at detention centers, and a recent Government Accountability Office report indicated that the attempts to get the ADS to Iraq have now been discontinued.

How very strange, been seen and used, in Afghanistan, mentioned by Judy Woods as used in Iraq, and the technology has been round for near 50 years! The military admits to spending billions on developing it. yet this story seems to have managed to completely missed that background?

And last, and a late find, is a webpage from a chap who mentions the SAME tech, but the use is far far nastier indeed, I cannot vouch for his sources, but after reading the 911 and other info, I would NOT be as disbelieving as once I may have been.

You get to make up your own minds:-)  

You need to scroll down, to his interview with an EX Marine: FEMA Concentration and Internment Camps

Sorry if you have a restless night after reading it, I know I was unsettled at the sheer bastadry of it all.

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