Genocide for Land Grab: News from Survival Tribes

stop the land grab darkBy Survival International

News from around the globe on resistance to the New World Order, as multinational corporations use deadly force to seize land for resource extraction.

  • hands Colombia: Twelve Indians shot dead by armed men
    27 August 2009 Twelve members of the Awa tribe were shot dead yesterday, 26 August, by a group of unidentified armed men.
  • Peru: Call for napalm bombing of ‘savages’ wins Survival racism award
    26 August 2009 An article implying Peruvian Indians should be bombed with napalm has been named by human rights organisation Survival International as the ‘most racist article’ published in the last year by the mainstream media.
  • Malaysia: Logging protests spread in Borneo as nomads block roads
    24 August 2009 Protests by the Penan tribe in Borneo have escalated, with twelve villages coming together to mount new road blockades against the logging and plantation companies that are destroying their rainforest.
  • Tanzania: Maasai evicted and imprisoned to make way for safari hunting concession
    20 August 2009 Eight Maasai villages in the Loliondo region of Tanzania have been burnt to the ground, leaving 3,000 people without food, water or shelter.
  • Botswana: Botswana official admits: ‘Bushmen were evicted for diamonds’
    18 August 2009 A senior Botswana government official has admitted that the Kalahari Bushmen were evicted from their land to make way for diamond mining in a new book published this month.
  • Peru: Government investigates reports of illegal logging
    14 August 2009 Peru’s Indigenous Affairs Department, INDEPA, has announced it will investigate claims that loggers have invaded a reserve created for uncontacted Indians.
  • Peru: Aerial photos reveal loggers inside uncontacted Indians’ territory
    13 August 2009 New aerial photos have revealed illegal loggers operating inside an Amazonian reserve set aside for uncontacted and highly vulnerable Indians.
  • Peru: Amazon Indians struck by swine flu ‘for first time’
    12 August 2009 The first cases of swine flu have just been reported amongst Amazonian Indians, raising experts’ fears of a devastating contagion amongst peoples with no immunity to outside diseases.
  • 4 responses to “Genocide for Land Grab: News from Survival Tribes

    1. this makes the censorship of the Net,
      (and the reasons so many in power would like it to happen, yesterday..)
      .More than a little obvious.
      Once they would have had a local reporter who could be killed bribed, and no -one else would ever find out..

      Now, we can know! and spread the word on these utterly evil bastards with no ethics, morals or right to exist in a just world.

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