Humankind shall never fly

obama-jokerBy William Blum
Anti-Empire Report

All those angry people. Yelling at the president and members of Congress about how the proposed government health plan, and Obama himself, are “socialist.” (See the poster of Obama as the Joker character from Batman with “Socialism” in large letters, as the only word.) These good folks wanna get their health care through good ol’ capitalism; better no health care at all than godless-atheist commie health care; better to see your child die than have her saved by a Marxist-Stalinist-collective doctor who works for the government. But these screaming, heckling Americans — like most of their countrymen — might be rather surprised to discover that they don’t really believe what they think they believe.  I wrote an essay several years ago, which is still perfectly applicable today, entitled “The United States invades, bombs, and kills for it, but do Americans really believe in free enterprise?

A common refrain, explicit or implicit, amongst the recent health-care hecklers is that the government can’t do anything better or cheaper than private corporations. Studies, however, have clearly indicated otherwise. In 2003, US federal agencies examined 17,595 federal jobs and found civil servants to be superior to contractors 89 percent of the time. The following year, a study to determine whether 12,573 federal jobs could be done more efficiently by private contractors found in-house workers winning 91 percent of the time, according to an Office of Management and Budget report. And in 2005, a study of tens of thousands of government positions concluded that federal workers had won the job competitions more than 80 percent of the time.

All these studies, it should be kept in mind, took place under the administration of George W. Bush, who, upon taking office in 2001, declared it his top management priority that federal workers should compete with contractors for as many as 850,000 government jobs. [1] Thus, any pressure to influence the outcome of these studies would have been in the opposite direction — putting the outside contractors in the best light.

Since the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, the Boys of Capital have been chortling in their martinis about the death of socialism. The word has been banned from polite conversation. And they hope that no one will notice that every socialist experiment of any significance in the twentieth century — without exception — was either overthrown, invaded, corrupted, perverted, subverted, destabilized, or otherwise had life made impossible for it, by the United States and its allies. Not one socialist government or movement — from the Russian Revolution to the Sandinistas in Nicaragua, from Communist China to the FMLN in El Salvador — not one was permitted to rise or fall solely on its own merits; not one was left secure enough to drop its guard against the all-powerful enemy abroad and freely and fully relax control at home.

It’s as if the Wright brothers’ first experiments with flying machines all failed because the automobile interests sabotaged each test flight. And then the good and god-fearing folk of the world looked upon these catastrophes, nodded their heads wisely, and intoned solemnly: Humankind shall never fly.

[1] Washington Post, June 8, 2005 and March 23, 2006 for this citation plus the three studies mentioned.

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4 responses to “Humankind shall never fly

  1. Jefferson's Guardian

    Yelling…and not understanding. Screaming…and not comprehending. Movement conservatism gathers up its minstrels and litters the landscape with lies and half-truths. The right’s propaganda machine bulldozes on.

    Yes, Omnipotent Poobah, bravo!

    • and the biggest lie is that Obama is a socialist. HA! That’s how you KNOW they have no freakin idea what they’re talking about.

      Obama is a CORPORATIST. HELLO!?!!

      What has he done for the masses? Committed us to paying rich people 1.2 trillion dollars. Invaded Pakistan. Invaded Honduras. Makes us pay for resource wars that only psychopathic mercenaries are smart enough to charge handsomely for.

      Damn right he better give us healthcare for all – and get rid of the middle man – we don’t need Obama’s health insurance bailout plan masquerading as public healthcare.

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