H1N1 Unlikely to Mutate!!

I found this gem a short while ago. Now, won’t it be interesting to see how mainstream avoids reporting, and the pharmas and WHO ignore it as hard as they can!


H1N1 unlikely to mutate, new research suggests

Updated Wed. Sep. 2 2009 11:44 AM ET CTV.ca News Staff

New U.S. research suggests there is no need to worry that the swine flu virus could mutate to become more deadly or to spread more easily than it already does. H1N1 is already well adapted to humans and is crowding out other strains, the research has found. There had been worries that H1N1 would “reassort” by swapping genes with seasonal flu strains to become a more dangerous superbug. There have also been worries the virus was not yet completely adapted to humans and that additional changes could lead to a more dangerous strain.


They also report that MRSA was a contributing factor in some deaths

And more intriguing is that it has similarities in bad cases of lung infection to the H5N1. Now that alone is innocuous.


You read my CSL Australia article (Aussie Vaccine Trials: Does Government-Industry Collusion Put the Public at Risk?), and see just how damn fast they started a quiet trial OF Panvax, a Birdflu vaccine they Patented and kept on hold until a pandemic was conveniently declared, which allowed them to use it as a cover to trial it!

So who? WHO, CDC and NIH?? and the lab that let it loose on purpose!..already knows that a ‘Mock up” of this strains been added? or is likely to appear too?

Twisted and corrupt saga indeed!

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