The Graphic Cost of Gagging Dissent

OEN 7-08 thru 7-09

By Rady Ananda

On May 24, 2009, the literary bloodbath at began. Over 30 popular writers and commenters, including this Senior Editor, were banned en masse over the next month. Anyone who identified as or agreed with COTO* suffered. Trusted author status was removed, articles were pulled off the front page, comments deleted, links jinxed.

The reason given for my removal was that I was too “extreme.” You know, those extreme views in support of the US Constitution and its Bill of Rights; those extremists decrying the suspension of 800-year-old habeas corpus, those extremists who want open government, an open Federal Reserve, independent investigations into war crimes, 9/11, torture, bailout fund use, resource wars; those extremists who demand accountability and punishment. 

That top-down decision was immediately followed by the loss of 52,000 readers in June. OEN’s zenith of nearly 281,000 unique visitors in September 2008 contrasts sharply with its June 2009 nadir of 130,000. In the next month, OEN recouped only 15,000 readers – a net loss of 37,000 in the two months since the purge.

Without a radical Left populist response to the radical Right militarism of the past nine years, the “Center” moves further toward military coup and dictatorship, as we saw when the US invaded Pakistan and Honduras this year. Obama represents global elites who shoot people from helicopters – from South America to Africa to the Middle East. That’s how a radical populist sees it or experiences it. That’s not how mainstream media frames it.

But, journalists don’t serve as stenographers, Jeremy Scahill reminds us; especially not citizen journalists.

Robert Jensen describes** radical analysis this way:

“Radical analysis goes to the root of an issue or problem. Typically that means that while challenging the specific manifestations of a problem, radicals also analyze the ideological and institutional components, as well as challenge unstated assumptions and conventional wisdom that obscure the deeper roots.”

The “deeper roots” of “ideological components” can be expressed more simply by radicals than all the Burson Marsteller psyops agents in the world: They want our land that we’ve lived on for hundreds or thousands of years, and they will poison it for centuries while extracting marketable resources.  

OEN wasn’t alone, btw. Other key “alternative” media sites followed a coordinated shut down of specific topics, writers and whistleblowers over the past year. This happened across the world, too.

More to come… I thought I’d provide all the COTO folks with some eye candy for Labor Day weekend to salute the idea that without Labor — that radical socialist idea that workers ought to unite for their common good against corporatists — nothing gets done.

*COTO = Coalition of the Obvious, alternatively known as red pill folks, or those who see past the propaganda.

**Robert Jensen, “Writing Dissent: Taking Radical Ideas from the Margins to the Mainstream,” Peter Lang Pub. (NY), 2001.

35 responses to “The Graphic Cost of Gagging Dissent

  1. Rady, after just getting fired from one job, for speaking my views, Melvin gives me his other bar to run. I have only two rules; it has to be legal and no violence.

    Right now I wouldn’t piss in this place, a lot of clean-up to do. But it’s got a small stage and Melvin is not opposed that I turn this place into a “den of radicals”, (which were my exact words to him today).

    My only thought is, is it too late? But that’s always been my thought.

    I guess I’m radical.

    • you KNOW you ARE! lol….

      as am I.

      and don’t you just LOVE they’ve lost readership? the pig fuckers.

      btw, the full version of this essay includes a specific mention of you and Linn Cohen-Cole, including your popularity stats at OEN – because the three of us were in the all-time top 5 most popular.

      • It’s nice to know that I guess, but if that’s true, why do I keep getting fired? I thought being “popular” got you places? Only place I’m going is broke.

      • Only if the pigs wearing lipstick:-)
        nice to know, what I suspected, you all were and are the talented writers, and they are Phht! without you all.
        I always went to Rady/Barb/Pats comments first, then Linn as I found her work, I admit liking our mad nun for the sarcasm, she/he brought..
        Obviously I wasn’t alone:-)
        I believe it goes..nyah, nyah, nyah, with appropriate finger wiggling?

  2. well, Mr M, maybe we need to set up a paypal account for our work. a donate button, maybe.

    the first squeeze is financial… survive that and duck the WHO flu, the jab, and the paramilitary forces and you’ll be alright.

    seriously, maybe you ought to collect your stuff into a book now… we could even intersperse your comics with select essays.

    self publish it… (boycott Amazon) and see if that brings us much deserved royalties for our selfless work here.

    what say you to that?

  3. Thanks, actually the guys at The Levee are discussing publishing a book of my work.

  4. Told ya, Rady…I could just feel it BEFORE the empirical evidence was showing up.

    What Rob and Kos don’t know is that they’re being set up to be squelched. Richard Mellon Scaife buys truckloads of Ann Coulter’s books — the only reason she “rates” as an author. They’ll do the same with the Progressive Left…blow smoke up their rears — but then they’ll cut their nuts off.

    We need to be identifying targets. This boiling frog crap is for the birds, not people.

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  6. Jefferson's Guardian

    The reins of power and deceit haven’t changed; only the team they’re attached to. A more multiculturally-refined hipster is now the lead horse, but the destination is the same. It’s business as usual. 2000 was stolen; 2008 was a masquerade.

    How long before it all hits the fan?

  7. Na na na na

    Hey, COTO crew… he’ll never love you the way that I love you.


  8. wow, great music video for the cause, John.

  9. Glad to see the stats verify the observations after the purge…..Now where can we find your whole article? I’m going to pass it far and wide!

    • cool, Claudia ~ I’m waiting for August’s numbers to come out… to see if this punishment was temporary or not. I also need some more info on some other sites – which is a bit harder for me to get since I never hung out anywhere but OEN – mostly.

      gotta warn you, the whole piece right now is 4,000 words… so I don’t expect to get it finished for a couple weeks yet. It’ll be cropped, chopped and streamlined for easier digestion.


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  11. 52,000 readers? Wow!

    I’m glad you and I are on the same side, Rady. that’s for damned sure!


    Tom Degan

    • I just got this posted, and much more info is coming out now about how many people have been gagged (or punished) for doubting the official 911 story.

      An obvious pattern is emerging from Murdoch, Disney, Time-Warner, Bertlesmann, and CBS-Viacom.

      One has to wonder why they are so desperately trying to stop an independent 911 investigation.

      anyhoo… we see there’s karmic retribution for squelching dissent.

  12. how odd.I watched Loose Change film a couple of hours back, funny you list just the same pack of ferals. as clamming down.
    8 years on and No ones been outed , damn they have great spin, and sheeple, double plus dumb..

  13. ProgressiveIndependent is currently under attack. This was one of the few forums that allowed open discussion of I/P and 9/11 issues.

    About a month ago the site was taken over by a group of so-called commies. They proceeded to chase out most of the active membership and they are now attacking the rest of us for our antisemitic posts. I’ve posted your article there, just to let others know that this is happening across the internet.

    This is definitely a coordinated effort, with links that go back to FL and stolen elections.

    • Thanks for reposting this piece, DYEW – can you send us the link?

      I heard about your situation earlier today. I also heard that HuffPo won’t post Sibel Edmonds material- where the government is using “state secrets privilege” to cover up criminal wrongdoing by the government.

      It’s weird to have read about this in fiction, and then to be living it. The details that go into such rampant corruption and oppression never quite came thru in those fictional novels or films… the truth, the reality, is far worse.

  14. “So-called commies”?? Stalinists, I presume.

  15. what care I if the gov owns the corporations or the corporations own the gov?

    the result is the same – BIG STOMPING CRIMINAL WAR CLASS stomping the shit out of anyone and everyone who gets in their way

    pakistan honduras colombia… well, hell, all of Latin America, right? India, all of Africa… Pakistan, Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq… ooh, and maybe throw Iran in the mix, too, now

    and we get to watch the Bear and the Eagle and the Panda wrestle over the spoils.

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