EPA approves complex GE crop behind closed doors


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved the most complex genetically engineered (GE) crop ever to enter the U.S. food supply

…without notifying the public or inviting public comment.

SmartStax, a variety of corn containing eight new genes—six for insect resistance and two for herbicide tolerance—is significantly different from the three-gene corn varieties that the agency previously approved. Monsanto and Dow Chemical, the joint developers of SmartStax, expect the new variety to be grown on three to four million acres next year, the largest launch ever of a GE crop.

The EPA excluded the public from the SmartStax decision process on the grounds that it had already approved other varieties containing the individual genes. The agency also bowed to industry pressure to lower safeguards against insect pests becoming resistant to the new genes. Read more from Bloomberg.

The Union of Concerned Scientists  is alarmed:

“We are disappointed that the new administration’s first approval of a major new GE crop was done behind closed doors. SmartStax raises important risk issues such as the potential for insects to develop resistance to the new gene combination that should have been addressed in a transparent, participatory process.” ~ Jane Rissler, Deputy Director/Senior Scientist

9/13/09 Update:

Also see Vandana Shiva’s Bioballistics: A plate full of toxins.

26 responses to “EPA approves complex GE crop behind closed doors

  1. This picture goes a long way to scare people. The corn cob biting the child’s arm and blood dripping from it is especially effective. too bad it doesn’t say anything about what the real issues or concerns are. One more scare tactic to diminish our ability to understand the science of genetic engineering once again. Too bad you don’t give people enough credit that they might be able to distinguish fact from fiction.

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  3. Judi, what do you think of the image for the same article at Food Freedom?

    Thanks for posting this, Laudyms ~ If we let chemical companies control our food supply, we get a chemically saturated landscape.

    Don’t know how anyone in the Obama Administration thinks this is “Food Safety”

    • Jefferson's Guardian

      The Dr. Seuss book cover says it all. Don’t believe I’ve seen that one. 😉

      As you’re well aware, one of the more important aspects of this whole genetically-modified food caper is the unknown, along with the known, dangers to our health and well-being. The long-term effects could have devastating consequences. See http://www.seedsofdeception.com for in-depth reviews.

      By the way, Rady, does the comments section of this site allow for basic HTML code?

      • glad you like the Seuss book 😉

        yeah, you can use HTML code, inside the carats.

        Progressive Mind just sent more confirmation our “Colony Collapse Disorder” is caused by pesticides.


        like I said above, if you let a chemical company control your food supply, you get chemical laden food … and a chemically poisoned environment.


  4. LOL!! I was going to suggest that Judi send in a picture she likes better, but Dr. Seuss beat that all to hell

  5. Judys playing switch and bait!!
    the ISSUE is,
    How the F? did they get away with no testing. a rearrangement of that many genes managing to be stable..
    Wonder what?? was wrong with the Triple stack they seem to have pulled from the market after 2? seasons??
    Lowering safeguards on pesticide ..residue we? as well as the bugs absorb..
    Dow also got limits upped on a CROP and Chemical that it sells, and in silage for the animals we also eat/use milk etc from….
    I want that Dr Suess in a size 10 T shirt, Please:-)
    and the killer Korn on the back:-)
    iron on patches even???? I love it.

  6. oh I forgot, hey Judy??? you reckon near broke farmers need to get more debt to pay a 49% INCREASE!!!!! in the cost of seed BTW??
    The poor farmers that precontracted as Monbastards and Duh! Dow etc push.
    yeah well they are getting record LOW prices and demand especially on the GM Corn and Canola NOW! so they will probably go bankrupt, so I guess buying at 135$ a tonne for the New 8Crapz won’t matter, will it?

    • errata… sorry it is 42!!! %Only???
      see the item I blogged on same subject
      see how Monbastards plan to increase their already obscene profits by 2012. Hugh Grant says it plainly.
      oh and Judy needs to look at not only the price hike per seed cost, but ALSO the PVR and “(mis) management” fees too.
      win win win for M and Der.( only thing missing there is U R how funny)
      Lose all the way to the bankruptcy court for the farmer.
      some deal.

  7. never scrap with an Aussie farmer

    hey, USA – r u ok with being guinea pigs for chemical companies?

    wanna help Monsanto and Dow Chemical invent a purely synthetic food that they hold exclusive patent to, that destroys that part of Earth’s foodweb that sustains humans?

    wanna let them do trial and error on you, me, your kids, their kids – over the next few decades?

    let our children discover the ravages of some outrageous disease that no other nation on the planet suffers from to the extent US citizens do?

    hmm… obesity, diabetes, heart disease… the extent of which is unique to the US.

    “don’t drink the water. there’s blood in the water.”

  8. oh hell, might as well add the best from MAW:

    damn, they made stupid videos, eh?

    • hi rady, and crew, yeah well, back then..everyone made stupid videos.
      Ever tasted Vegemite? it may have something to do with it:-)
      Warm beer, is also a great way to have odd things happening:-)
      Chunder,( vomit) not thunder being the foremost…

      • I never did get all their words… but I did hear – way back then – that vegemite sandwiches are BITTER

        and that after the song became an international hit, everyone started eating them….

        lol… today I had grilled portobello on a thick pile of fresh salad greens and sliced Roma tomatoes, all on a (disgusting) white bun…. no salt & pepper; no mustard… but DAMN it was good

        all natural, no preservatives, no herbicides or pesticides used in the making of these products (except for the bun).

        filled my belly and killed very few life forms in the making and transporting of same from farm to fork.


  9. Jefferson's Guardian

    I do not like GM food in the grocery aisle.
    I do not like them in any style.
    I will not buy them with credit or cash.
    I will not buy them because they’re trash.

    I will not take them in paper or plastic,
    I will not take them in cart or basket
    No fan I am of SmartStax for millions
    No fan I am of those who make billions

    Destroy Monsanto! Today! Today!
    Today I say!
    Without delay!

  10. Monsanto IS the demon seed,
    for all of them , there is NO need!
    Dow, Aventis ,Bayer too,
    All specialize in Toxic goo,
    Boycott their products and berate them,
    Tell the proles, help liberate them!
    Get the word out, far and wide,
    For all their products..Access Denied!

    • Even the way this info is presented is bullshit – that the EPA “bowed to industry pressure to lower safeguards against insect pests becoming resistant to the new genes.”

      With Michael Taylor inside the Food Safety Working Group, the agency IS Industry. Monsanto planted its seeds in the White House soon after Obama took office.

      Part 2 of that sentence proves it, now that Corpo-Gov showed it doesn’t care that chemical products used in the US will (not ‘may’) create superbugs, to which our natural plants have not had time to evolutionarily adapt.

      This is a CRIME AGAINST THE ENVIRONMENT and the Administration should rescind this order immediately. Use a ‘signing statement’ if you have to.

  11. lunch sounds yummy:-) Rady,
    vegemite is SALTY, very salty.
    its basically a Vegie/ yeast base that was created for Vit B supplement in the war years.
    there were a few , Parwill, was a rip off of Mar mite:-)
    Bovrill the UK version is sweetish, and a beef extract not popular here.
    the knack with Vegemite is Not too much, unless you are adapted:-) a level teaspoon on a slice of toast with BUTTER, marg just ruins it.
    its a good flavour base and colour enhancer for soups etc too.
    I am worried that Kraft will be using, if not already? a GM Mod yeast, a lot of the beers are already, and I read that Yoghurt is the next GM culture they will be pushing at us all.
    People might say it is minimal, but like the L tryptophan issue a little of something that has no precedent can kill.
    I am getting more angry by the day , at the infiltration of our basic foods.! pommy co. Tate and Lyle are setting up “enzyme plant here, well its here, but they [plan to expand… and if you see todays latest post on ozspeaks…well
    I am honestly very very non violent, but I am like the worm, turning more to want to BITE, daily.
    force feed the crap to THEM, is my big wish.

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