Don’t show ID in New York State!

1389.5 Holocaust ABy Justin M. Holmes

This is a video of an encounter I had with police in the village of Port Dickinson in New York State .

I was “pulled over” while inline skating and told that this activity was illegal under a local ordinance. I have since placed an inquiry with the village code enforcement officer and found that there is no such law.

The officer who pulled me over asked me for ID and I refused to show it. He called two other officers to the scene. 

There’s lots of discussion about this video on my blog as well (I’d love for the discussion to be all in one place, on the blog):

7 responses to “Don’t show ID in New York State!

  1. Jefferson's Guardian

    What a wonderful act of civil disobedience. Justin Holmes, I salute you! You persisted, graciously, but forcefully, and you won. They retreated because they knew you were right.

    Again, a tip-of-the-hat to ya’!

    • Hey, JeffG – I sorta agree with you – but I don’t think he was being civilly disobedient… instead he was exercising his civil liberty to not have to show papers to governmental authorities.

      there is so much amazing about this video – how the cop asked him who he was gonna vote for. How RADICALLY FASCIST of her to do that!

      and the fat cop was a total loser – he takes it personally that a US citizen is asserting his constitutional rights and sees it as a sign of disrespect to the cop. What a freakin ego-maniac! What a power-tripper. oh, boo hoo – the poor cop has to ACT WITHIN THE HIGHEST LAW OF THE LAND and he sees that as disrespectful to his station in life.

      what a loser.. .no wonder we have a revolution on our hands.

      And then the COP LIED ABOUT THE LAW! He should be kicked off the force for abuse of power.

      I really think this video ought to be spread across the blogosphere.

  2. I didn’t read the comments… but how sad.

  3. You’re the man! You have inspired me to learn more about my rights as a U.S citizen. Thanks for posting this.

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