CSL H1N1 vaccine gets Australia nod of approval

vaccine x MercolaBy Aussie Oz

The Australian government has “done a deal” so that CSL is the sole flu vaccine maker to supply us. The press release mentioned Prior Approval in the USA for their “pandemic vaccine.” What they DO NOT actually tell you is the vaccine first registered was a BIRD FLU mix using a NOVEL adjuvant called Iscomatrix.

Trials done in 2004, and in 2007.

WHO has a whole long list of what they and others were trialing back then, quite interesting. NONE were vaccines for H1N1.   The  H5N1 Baxter- were using Vero then (insect cell).


Novavax were the ones bragging late last/early this year as it being new and a breakthrough…

Back to CSL, they are using split virion using two California strains, weakened or inactivated. The muliple dose does contain thimerosal (mercury). The single dose 0.5ml, does not.

50 micrograms of mercury per dose, per vial.

On my previous article, there is a link to the page from american registry Concerning the approval for Novel Pandemic H5N1 Nowhere!! is this exact virus mentioned, as, it DID NOT exist, until it was created.

Which has me wondering how the US announcements saying it had been approved a few days back…when it only just got the ok here) were based on a NON related viral strain, from the 2008 approval?

It has been SIX WEEKS since trial, yet we’ve heard nothing about follow-ups. Can the government assure us there are “no nasty side effects” and it is fine to let this go into mass public use?  

Our Nicola Roxon immediately starts a media push, and it was approved just today 18 Sept 09.

Dose cost to Taxpayer/govt coffers is a secret?

Well, seeing as they have that EXCLUSIVE SUPPLY DEAL, I guess CSL will be doing VERY WELL out of it, indeed.

Cost to public…unknown! 

“Issues of Liability resolved”??? OH? Well, how about saying what they were and just how they have been resolved? If someone has a Serious Adverse Event, the vaccine makers are protected from lawsuits in the US.

How quiet they mean to keep any such events, and who will be paying the damages bill? I suspect not CSL.

NOTE: The patient info PDF specifically warns no data on  possible problems with interaction with other vaccines! Yet there is a push to have seasonal and H1N1 fairly close together, within even a month would be a bit soon, as body would be still fairly under pressure from either Virus and adjuvant+mercury whatever.

Trials subjects were chosen for NOT having had Seasonal Jab in the prior year. No asthmatics or anyone on ANY other meds either. Hardly a REAL Population section to be working on!

Panvax H1N1 PI.pdf (application/pdf Object)

Panvax H1N1 Approval for Registration for Use in Aust by TGA.pdf (application/pdf Object)


3 responses to “CSL H1N1 vaccine gets Australia nod of approval

  1. Please, can you tell me WHERE your swine fle vaccine is manufactured? Thank you.

  2. hi Vada, OUR vaccine for aussies, is made in CSL Victorian labs…however the millions worth the US govt has bought, seems to me, to be coming from the CSL sister branch in america, Rady posted info on that plant on the side links.
    Our Govt has a sweetheart deal, where even though there is possibly a better and I suspect safer Vaccine being made by Flinders Uni in Sth Aus, WE are ONLY allowed CSL product for All Flu Vacc in aus…
    My item on CSL and anomalies posted late July? should give you all the links and a pile more info:-)
    After doing all the reading and research , I now suspect the “mystery illness” I suddenly developed, that near killed me 12 years ago , was from a Tetanus Jab, containing squalene, massive cytokine storm, and never again will I accept any injection ever!! without knowing WHAT lab! and what ingredients!
    I am alive, doc’s said write a will… but I am not and never will be the healthy person I used to be.
    would I? as a proud aussie take OUR vaccine. NO.
    The ISIS web page has an article of an ingredient in the CSL version which may also be a bit iffy, not squalene but a chemical used in processing that sounds unsafe.

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