Flu experts warn of ‘irrational’ vaccine worry


Responding to a Reuters article about “vaccine worry”, Richard Moore introduces us to the First Law of Hoopla.

From the article: 

Flu experts gear up for pandemic of vaccine worry

One million heart attacks, 700,000 strokes and 900,000 miscarriages — U.S. public health officials want Americans to know these will happen every single year with or without a swine flu vaccine campaign.

They expect an avalanche of so-called adverse event reports, which are reports of death, illness or other health trauma that occur within two weeks after receiving treatment — in this case, the swine flu vaccine. ……

Richard Moore’s Commentary: As the flock approaches the slaughterhouse, the media sheepdogs close in, sniffing to contain any nervous sheep. Don’t worry if people start dying, it couldn’t be the vaccine. Just stay in the queue and follow the sheep in front of you to get your shot

In another report I read, a woman was reporting harm from a vaccine to the clinic, and they were saying, No that’s unrelated, only red soreness around the shot could be due to the vaccine. This appears to be the official diagnostic protocol in place. 

Thus we have an official declaration from the Ministry of Truth: The only side effects are red soreness, any others are too rare to mention. So anything bad that happens isn’t a reaction, it’s just normal background incidents happening.

This is precisely the appropriate propaganda regime, if a program of toxic vaccinations is being prepared. It’s like pepper in the nose, so the flock won’t smell death in the queue ahead.

For some of you, such an interpretation probably seems like paranoid speculation. That would be true if it were the only piece of evidence. In light of what has gone before however, this latest bit becomes a piece of verification. If the detective knows that a certain gray van is the alleged crime vehicle, and he sees it approaching the alleged crime scene, that’s a verification of the informant’s story, even though a gray van by itself means nothing.

The biggest elephant in the room, in this case, is all the hoopla around a virus which seems to have only mild symptoms, and which is no more virulent than any normal flu that we have every year – usually without any hoopla.  

I mean, the hoopla is simply over the top. It started full steam when there had been only a few cases, and the media impetus has never let up despite the lack of any real mounting threat. Clearly the hoopla is being driven by other forces than by standard ‘observation of public health developments’.  

The scale of this hoopla is unprecedented in my experience, as regards health threats. And all the time the so-called cause, the virus itself, remains relatively benign. This is mentioned as an irrelevant side comment in the news, as a comfort to viewers, while the big stories are about whether the vaccine will be ready, who will get it first, whether businesses and school will be able to function, etc. They even let it slip on the news that the hoopla has no clothes, and still we don’t see it. 

My experience is that whenever we have a big hoopla in the news, the flock is being herded into one enclosure or another, always on false pretenses. When the hoopla was about Weapons of Mass Destruction, we were being herded into an invasion of Iraq. The invasion turned out to be for other reasons and other purposes, perhaps still not clear. When the hoopla was about Terrorist Events, we were being herded into a police-state apparatus. That apparatus has not been effective in any real sense against whatever terrorist threats there might be, but it has succeeded in destroying the very freedoms that the ‘terrorists’ were allegedly intending to destroy. While Bush ventured recklessly into indefinite preventive detention (aka concentration camps), Obama is now officially institutionalizing the practice. 

The point here is that when we get herded by big hoopla, it is always for reasons other than those being sold by the hoopla. Hoopla is the scarf with which the magician distracts you, while he shuffles the rabbit with the other hand. Whatever the vaccine frenzy is about, it’s not about the mild cases that have occurred of this novel new virus. That’s the First Law of Hoopla. 

Where we are being herded, quite obviously, involves us taking this vaccine. They want to really make sure we take this vaccine. They are ordering unprecedented massive quantities, enough for everyone. They are making it mandatory for all military and medical personnel, and I’ve seen reliable evidence of various kinds that vaccinations are likely to become mandatory for the whole population. 

There’s resistance to that of course, but if deaths start mounting – for whatever reason – people would probably accept such a move, having been prepared by all the hoopla. And if the the vaccine is toxic in some way, deaths will start mounting – among military and medical personnel. Voila! Pandemic! a reason to make the vaccine mandatory. Walk the plank all you useless feeders!

The previous paragraph was venturing into speculation. My main theme, I think a strong one, is that we’re being herded into some enclosure, and it’s not about the virus itself. What we know about the enclosure is that it involves a new untested vaccine, and it involves an unprecedented impetus toward everyone taking that vaccine. 

Another general thing about hoopla, is that the scale of the hoopla usually matches the scale of the enclosure. The invasions of Iraq both involved major hoopla, fooling the UN, etc. Major hoopla implies major enclosure / disaster. This has been major hoopla.

I can only think of a few major enclosures in this case, worthy of the hoopla. They have to do with depopulation, and with martial law

Enclosure 1 – re/depopulation: If they can make nearly everyone take the shot, and that seems likely, they clearly have the opportunity to kill off a good portion of them all in one go. And of course the interpretation, the hoopla, would explain: We caught it just it in time; without the vaccine it would have been much worse. This is the Reverend Jim Jones kool-aid scenario, also known as the Spanish Flu scenario.

Enclosure 2 – re/depopulation: Instead of being immediately toxic, the vaccine attacks the immune system, ala AIDS. In this case the hoopla would say: See, the vaccine was safe after all and we stopped the pandemic. Then the hoopla would move on to other stories. When people did start dying, from the long-term effects, it would then be a ‘conspiracy theory’ to think there is any connection with the now-forgotten, ‘clearly unrelated’, vaccine episode. This is the free-hepatitis-vaccinations-at-gay-clinics / AIDS-introduction scenario.

Enclosure 3 – re/martial law: The hoopla continues, problems arise with vaccine distribution, and reports circulate of virus outbreaks and also of bad reactions. We begin to get panic responses by those who want the shots and fear they won’t get them in time, and by those who don’t want them at all because they fear them. The media hoopla sensationalizes the panic on both sides, exaggerating its extent, and re-stimulating the impulse to panic. 

In this context, a flare up occurs somewhere, people are massed with angry signs, and a window is broken in a pharmacy, probably by provocateurs. The police see an opportunity to start a riot, and it ends in mass arrests and people being carted off in busses to places unknown.  With careful editing and CGI enhancement, the video coverage makes it seem like the whole nation is in chaos, and the police are barely holding the line. 

Obama goes on TV, and tells us he will not shrink from maintaining order for all those mothers and children out there, who God knows deserve a better life, as his daddy always used to tell him, and an inspiring, quotable speech ensues. The next morning the troops are on all the major street corners everywhere, helicopters are buzzing, and a nationwide curfew is declared. Don’t adjust your set, which is going blank. The Ministry of Truth will begin Emergency Broadcasting shortly. This is the Katrina scenario.  

Take your pick.

Richard Moore’s email: rkm@quaylargo.com






3 responses to “Flu experts warn of ‘irrational’ vaccine worry

  1. got that right! Hoopla driving the herd to pay billions for a vaccine it doesn’t need — at best — and a dangerous vaccine, at that.

  2. I pick scenario 3. seen todays report that the un reckon they need 900mil Uk pounds! to give to 3rd world vacc campaign. why? cos they NEED to cull there. so far 8,000+ supposedly? have it in Africa, yet under 80 deaths..also waffle re how bad sth hemisphere was hit.
    ha! LESS deaths here than in an average year.!
    Way too much bullshit lies mistruths and evasion happening.
    No One is bothering about WHO released it in the first place! and we KNOW it is NOT a natural occurence.
    9 months many victims and NO PROVEN Mutation…hmm? how odd. any sudden outbreaks -will be engineered to outbreak!!!

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