What to Do If You Are Forced to Take Swine Flu Shot

4-part video interview of board-certified neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock by Dr. Joseph Mercola 

Ed. Note: All videos provide important info about Corpo-Gov’s extreme exaggeration of swine flu dangers, and extreme misinformation (and info suppression) of vaccine dangers.  However, if you’re just looking for the answer promised in the title, watch Video 4.

By Dr. Russell Blaylock:

“By 1853, Parliament began passing laws to make the untested vaccine compulsory throughout the British Empire. Other countries of Europe followed suit. Once the economic implications of compulsory vaccinations were realized, few dared to disagree. Then, as now, the media were controlled by the vaccine manufacturers and the government, who stood to make huge money from the sale of these spurious vaccines…” –Tim O’Shea, D.C.

What is in the Regular Flu Shot?

Egg proteins, including avian contaminant viruses

Gelatin, known to cause allergic reactions and anaphylaxis are usually associated with sensitivity to egg or gelatin

Polysorbate 80 (Tween80™), which can cause severe allergic reactions, including anaphylaxis

Formaldehyde: a known carcinogen

Triton X100: a strong detergent

Sucrose (table sugar)

Resin, known to cause allergic reactions

Gentamycin, an antibiotic

Thimerosal: mercury is still in multidose vials

Analysis of material by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention by Dr. Russell Blaylock. (September 5, 2009)

Critical Observations:

Doctor visits for flu are down from the level in April

Total flu hospitalizations are similar or lower than for seasonal flu (yearly flu)

The number of death secondary to flu and pneumonia is unchanged from yearly rate

Only two states are reporting widespread infections — Georgia and Alaska. Other states report only regional or sporadic activity, meaning it’s not very contagious.

There is no evidence that the virus has mutated at all anywhere in the world

The virus remains susceptible to the drugs Tamiflu and Relenza.

Only 43,771 cases have been reported in the United States. Because of poor reporting the CDC estimates that true numbers indicate that one million have been infected. Many people did not get sick enough to go to a doctor. Likewise, not all people are tested who go to a doctor.

Of these 5,011 have been hospitalized and 302 have died.

Death Rates From the H1N1 Flu

If we use the 43,771 figure and 302 deaths that means the death rate is 0.6 percent, an extremely low death rate for any flu.

The percentage of hospitalized patients who died was 6 percent, again a very low incidence of death.

Since the CDC estimates that one million have been infected, we must recalculate death rates. Using this more accurate figure, the death rate is in truth 0.03 percent, which means 99.97percent will not die from this flu. Your chances of dying are incredibly low.

Age and Death Rates

We hear a lot about the unusual age distribution with this virus, especially as regards death rates, with the young being more affected than, as with seasonal flu, the elderly (90% of deaths are usually among those greater than 65 years old). The risks of becoming infected are as follows:

Ages 5 to 24 y/o——–26.7 per 100,000 (0.027%)

Ages 0 to 4 y/o ———22.9 per 100,000 (0.023%)

Ages 25 to 49———–6.97 per 100,000 (0.0069%)

Ages 50 to 64 y/o——3.9 per 100,000 (0.0039)

Over 65 y/o————-1.3 per 1000,000 (0.00013%)

And the risk of needing to be hospitalized are:

Ages 0 to 4 y/o———0.0045%

Ages 5 to 24 y/o——–0.0021%

Ages 25 to 45 y/o——0.0011%

Over 65 y/o————-0.0017%

This indicates that for all age groups, the risk of being hospitalized are far less than 1 percent and well over 99 percent of people will not need hospitalization.

This explains why this infection is being downplayed by the virologists themselves, the ones who know most about the dangers of viruses.

The distributions of death also vary considerably by age. Below is the distribution of deaths according to age.

Ages 25-49 y/o———41%

Ages 50 to 64 y/o—–24%

Ages 5 to 24 y/o——16%

Over age 65 y/o——- 9%

Ages 0 to 4 y/o——– 2%

So, we see that the greatest death rates in the extremely small fraction that die are between ages 25 to 49 and 65 percent are between ages 25 to 64.

The least likely to die are babies up to age 4 years, yet they are targeted for vaccination and as we see from the above data, children below age 2 years get absolutely no protection from the flu vaccines.

Analysis of the New Government Projections to the Media

If we analyzed it according to the worst case scenario released by the government we see far lower figures than being projected:

They say 150 million Americans will be infected. That is 150 X as many as now infected, and represents a much larger figure than now estimated with a 6 to 6.5 percent of a localized population.

For the United States itself with a population slightly over 300 million, their figures indicate a 50 percent infection rate. There is nothing to indicate such a high infectivity rate from the past 7 months of analysis.

It should also be appreciated that the infections will not occur all at once, but will slowly evolve, as we have seen thus far, meaning that at any one time a much smaller amount of Americans will be infected — which also reduces the numbers who will require hospitalizations at any one time, and who will need ICU care.

As far as the number that will need hospitalization, the government now says there will be 1.8 million people hospitalized, of which 300,000 may need ICU treatment.

If we use the existing data we see that the numbers are quite different. At the time the data was taken, 303 people out of one million infected died and 5,011 needed hospitalization. This means a projected hospitalization incidence of 750,000 and a death rate of 45,000 deaths. Remember, this is using their data applied to the outrageously high figure of 50% of the population being infected — that is, 150 million people.

If the infection rate is 6 percent, as all the studies have shown thus far, we see much smaller numbers.

Instead of 150 million infected we see 18 million infected. Using these more realistic figures we can estimate a hospitalization rate of 90,000 and a projected death incidence of 5436.

Again, it is important to keep in mind that the infections will be evolving and not all at once as both sets of figures seem to imply. If we spread this over several months and waves of the infection, we see that at any one time the hospitalizations will be a much smaller number, as will the deaths.

Thus far, there have been nationwide 2,000 hospitalizations a month and 99 deaths a month.

Certainly the hospitals in the United States can handle the increase. In the United States we have 5,759 hospitals containing 955,000 beds and 70,000 ICU beds. Most hospitalized people will not require intensive care. Most are suffering from dehydration and only required IV fluid infusion.

It should also be appreciated that most pediatric deaths and elderly deaths will occur early in the epidemic because the chronically ill and immune suppressed will become infected early. Therefore one would expect the deaths to rise initially and then fall as the infection spreads as we see from this graph:

05-09 flu deaths x mercola

Much more at Mercola.com.

You can also sign up for Dr. Blaylock’s newsletter, which often discusses vaccine dangers, by visiting his website: http://www.russellblaylockmd.com/.

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