Kucinich Questions Health Insurance Execs. on Denied Claims

Therefore, the insurance industry needs to be removed from US healthcare. We don’t need another industry bailout; we need single payer healthcare.

As Chris Hedges said of Obama, “He … practices socialism for corporations…. He is forcing us to buy into a health care system that will enrich corporations and expand the abuse of our for-profit medical care.”

2 responses to “Kucinich Questions Health Insurance Execs. on Denied Claims

  1. I vote it excellent for the Kuchinic, question
    The feeling of hesitation, the sound of another cogitating the reception of saying No…
    The sheer greasiness of the Yes….what a jerkoff!
    then the rushed…But we have statisic/meta analysis, sheesh. (they wont allow affordable Nonmainstream methods to be used,)
    and the Pharmas and PRIVATE Med companys make it, sell it, and price it however they please!
    Hospitals charging more than Luxury hotels:-)Room serice wins hands down, and a private nurse would be better than ward,
    unless youre critical.Its loopy!
    Imagine , you sign into a Hotel, expecting your stay to send you bankrupt, and offering your home, and possessions as “Barter Goods”
    The shameful quiet Yes.
    While Personally and Intellectually knowing what they decided, to save companies money!!
    would Harm, Kill, Bankrupt and cause undue stress, in a time of trauma enough. And yet for the 30 pieces of silver, sell their ethics.
    In countries with Less? corrupt governments, Publicly priced and controlled fee schedules, set and watched by government , works pretty well.
    Sadly the infective agents are branching into other countries, like mine! (you bastards!)
    but having the option of Public, for all, means they have to toe a line, albeit being blurred lately, a bit.

  2. alright, Oz! You have distinguished single payer from public option… there can be no other option but the public option

    class war at its deadliest – our health care system. No. 37 in the world, per WHO, yet no one in the US government will consider removing the dirty middle man

    we don’t need health insurance; we need HEALTH CARE.

    and if they try to force me to buy health insurance, I’m leaving this country. Even if they required me to pay ZERO taxes, I cannot afford health INSURANCE

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