Preview Upcoming TAC Cover Story on Edmonds: ‘Outs’ Videotaped, ‘Blackmailed’ Dem Congresswoman; Alleges State Dept. Mole at NYTimes; MUCH MORE…

sibel x amcon by Taffeta GrayBy Brad Friedman

American Conservative mag’s description of interview with previously-gagged FBI whistleblower as ‘explosive’ may prove to be a gross understatement

Blackmail, bribery, infiltration, theft and sale of nuke secrets by Turkey, Israel explained in clearer detail than ever before…

Over the weekend, we received an embargoed look at American Conservative magazine’s final version of their cover story interview with formerly-gagged FBI translator turned whistleblower Sibel Edmonds. On Friday, AmCon teased the coming feature by former CIA officer Phil Giraldi — due on net and newsstands tomorrow — as “explosive.” That may be a vast understatement. At least if the U.S. corporate media bothers to notice it this time.

In addition to naming the identify of a married Democratic Congresswoman previously described by Edmonds as having been “hooked” into a lesbian affair by Turkish agents, who then video-taped the entire thing for blackmail purposes, loads of new details on Edmonds’ disclosures are explained in the clearest, most-cogent, understandable terms yet. Even for beginners to the Edmonds story.

The exclusive interview lays out the details of what can be described as nothing short of a national security cancer that has metastasized throughout the U.S. government, to the covert monetary, military and strategic intelligence benefit of our allies and enemies alike.

Edmonds discusses a well-organized foreign intelligence black market superstore, benefiting everyone from treasonous U.S. officials to operatives and governments in Turkey, Israel, Pakistan, Iran, Libya, al-Qaeda and beyond, and she explains, in specific detail, how it all worked, and who the top culprits are…


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