G20: Police Storm U of Pittsburgh, Blast Students with Sonic Weapon, Tear Gas, Rubber Bullets

lrad-policeBy Inferno Enigma

Armored Police Seize University of Pittsburgh Campus, Attack Students, Then Claim They Were Stopping Anarchists

Reddit, I had to create an account to post about what just happened on my campus. I go to the University of Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh… G20, you know. President Obama’s dinner for the delegates happened just off campus, within eyesight of us — usually. When people grouped up by the street that would lead to the Phipps Conservatory, they were met with armored police.


For a while the students and locals just stood and talked while the police line faced us. Some people sang and had signs. Others just watched. Slowly, the line of locals began to advance. A police officer with a megaphone stepped out several times and told us to leave the area, but as we weren’t doing anything wrong, most people didn’t leave.


That’s when they shot a canister of gas at us. Reddit, sprinting away from armored police who looked like Storm Troopers from Star Wars, hearing that hissing sound while one of my favorite spots on campus filled with smoke… it was terrifying.

When the smoke cleared the crowd was still there.


This standoff lasted several hours. Around 10:30, the atmosphere had changed. The police had advanced far up the road toward students, who were kept back to a grassy area called Schenley Plaza. Students were singing and dancing. It was very peaceful. Someone said something to a cop.


Suddenly the guy was grabbed and thrown on the ground. The crowd AT ONCE surrounded the cops and started chanting LET HIM GO! LET HIM GO! LET HIM GO!


There was a dumpster lit on fire further up the road, so I went up there to see what I could see, and suddenly there were tons of people sprinting down the sidewalk away from the fire. SWAT vans and six or seven major police cars pulled up to Schenley Plaza.


Reddit, the next two hours were complete chaos. My campus was invaded by armored police officers. They threw actual tear gas into crowds of students. They SHOT students with rubber bullets. They beat slower-moving students with a baton. I saw a group of cyclists being herded down the sidewalk. A cop reached out and pushed a woman on a bike. She turned around and pushed her bike at the cop. Next thing we knew, he grabbed her by the face and slammed her down on the concrete.


They slowly advanced us back down Forbes Avenue, toward the major freshman dorms. Several protesters broke storefront windows. I’d guess 20 protesting, about 1,000 students watching (if that). The police fired Sound Cannons at us, a new weapon never before used on US citizens, which plays a sonic pulse that gives major headaches. They fired more tear gas at the students.


Then riot squads came running up behind us and forced us into the Litchfield Towers Lobby. People who did not make it into the lobby before the riot squads got to the doors were grabbed, thrown to the ground, beaten, and arrested.

Here is the part where I felt most violated — The riot cops then ENTERED our dormitory and shouted that students needed to return to their rooms immediately. Anyone arrested, they said, would be expelled from the University of Pittsburgh, no questions asked.


Reddit, is that legal? Would police be able to force someone on the sidewalk back in their home and make them barricade themselves in their basement?


Here’s another part that got me — I saw students try to get in the doors closest to their dorm building (there are 3 towers), and the door was LOCKED. These students did not have time to run around the building. And they were grabbed.




So, in the news, you’ll hear that police secured the campus from anarchists. Not that students were attacked by security forces supposedly there to protect them. PLEASE, help me get the word out. I’ll be around all day tomorrow for questions.


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9 responses to “G20: Police Storm U of Pittsburgh, Blast Students with Sonic Weapon, Tear Gas, Rubber Bullets

  1. Gee, none of this kind of thing happened on 9/12 in Washington DC. I wonder why. Maybe the Tea Partiers respect the laws and the policemen of this country. The DC mall was immaculate when the 9/12-ers left.


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  3. this is outrageous. students at pitt shoud sue the city of pgh, for not protecting students, and, protesters. this is not the first time this has happened. it has happend in dc. miami, ny, and in london, at the g20, the police were so aggressive they killed a man heading home from work. this is serious business violating peoples rights. i hope the students at pitt find thier voices and pursue this, and ask is this WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE.

    • if 20 yr old men allow this to go unanswered, their children will pay the price.

      we can provide the rhetoric, and the space… but they gotta face what befalls them.

      the gov is attacking US citizens with sonic weapons. wtf!?

  4. They are actually the Acive Denial Systems (ADS) mounted on the front of tanks in Iraq for testing “crowd control” for use in the US in the even tof civil unrest or revolt.

    Its a handy dandy weapon that launches a targeted microwave beam (a giant version of that oven in your kitchen) and people don’t even know its directed on them until they start to par-boil from the inside.

    In Iraq, the commanders testing this wonderful invention reported that they were having trouble deciding how long to direct the beam because too long and people actually burst into flames and bled from every opening of their bodies……or if too short they just had heart attacks but the good thing was….and this is the really good part…….if you could figure out just the right amount of time …….you could kill them without any outward appearance of injury. Hence the name >>>>>>active denial.

    They have a whole slew of these new weapons. All are being tested on Iraqi men, women and children. All in the name of the War of Terrorism. And remember!

    When we do it, its noble and just …we have justifiable cause.

    When they do it….its terrorism.

    This is your government at work! This is your government at work against you! And to think; these are are friends and family members who are manning and operating these weapons of horror. Apparently such a satisfying job they are even willing to come home and do it to us.

    Join the Army……be all you can be! Even a homicidal monster.


    • well, the youth will have to stand up for itself

      or not

      • In 1968 no one had to tell us to stand up for ourselves. The closest thing that we had to an online forum was an underground FM radio station. We knew the war was wrong, we wouldn’t (fo the most part) enlist and many, if drafted, refused to serve. We new cops and national guard were pieces of shit who had turned on their fellow citizens and when they attacked us, we responded.
        I sure hope the youth of today have it single mindedness and the ballls to stand up for what they believe is right because there is a much more malignant force trying to take our souls today than 40 years ago.
        Keep a picture of cheney on your wall to remind you what evil looks like.

  5. Hey interesting website, just curious what antispam system you use for cleaning up comments since I have been hit by tons on my blog.

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