Barbershop Diaries, Volume I, Issue 17: Nazi Germany Ain’t Motown

Motown's a-Comin' to Yo' Town
Motown’s a-Comin’ to Yo’ Town

“You tell me lies that should be obvious to me

I’m in so much love with ya’ baby that I don’ wanna see

If the truth makes love last longer

Why do lies

make my love stronger?

 Ain’t that peculiar?” 

 — Marvin Gaye

I loved Marvin Gaye’s music…probably the most redeeming aspect of the phenomenon that was to become Barry Gordy.  No more raw, nor unfiltered, nor uncensored, account of the illness of addiction has ever been broadcast in the popular media before or since the days when Marvin Gaye’s lyrics punctuated the creeping fascism of the 1960’s and 70’s.

When I heard of Marvin Gaye’s death as an adult, it hit me as hard as the death of Louis Armstrong when I was seven or eight. 

Come on over

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