G20 Sound Cannons Can’t Stop the Public Voice

By Rady Ananda

This three-minute YouTube by Al Jazeera captures some of the concerns of those G20 protesters whom global elites brutalized with rubber bullets and sound cannons, despite our inalienable rights to assemble peacefully and state our piece.

One local Pittsburgh TV station also caught on film what some of our intelligent youth have to say, two days before the military and local police attacked marchers, just as one of the anarchists predicted would happen: 

“I don’t know why the military is deployed on American soil. There’s no natural disaster. There’s just people coming here to demonstrate against the unjust system…. There’s going to be violence and it’s going to be started by law enforcement and the United States military.”

And that they did, as Paul Joseph Watson reported:

And, as did Alex Jones, in this five-minute radio broadcast:

Several corporately-owned media sites also posted video of police and military torturing the public with sound cannons, tear gas and rubber bullets. But, they present this as if protesters initiated the violence, which is a complete lie.  

Political analysts from the Left also decry the action. In “G-20 Announces a New World Order,” COTO Report’s Michael Collins notes:

“There were no criticisms of police actions from the G-20 leaders, many of whom preside over nominally democratic states. That’s probably because there were no questions from the press.”

Collins notes the growing income disparity between the bulk of the planet with G-20 banksters who caused the current crises and who, apparently, want to pretend they cannot hear public comment on their actions.

“The heavy handed, technically brutish suppression of public protest is a form of instructive theater that engenders a feeling of helplessness for many who might otherwise be motivated to resist.”

He later comments, tho, “If enough people get sufficiently fed up enough and we have something like a general strike, then there’s a chance things will start to turn.” 

That may be so, since the US consistently uses violence against protesters, from the Democratic and Republican Conventions last year to the Kent State murders in 1970 by the Ohio National Guard. 

That the US military is deployed, along with sonic weapons, against US citizens for exercising their constitutional rights to peaceful assembly and free speech proves that barbaric thugs are running things. On-scene TruthOut reporter, Mike Ferner,  lists several new technologies that police thugs plan to use on citizens who dare question elites — some of which our tax dollars paid to develop, including microwave technology (known as ADS, or Active Denial Systems) used to burn people up to a quarter mile away.

directed energy weapons PDG-300RifleShot (464 x 278)

When law enforcement breaks the highest law of the land, anarchy reigns. Police and military personnel who act against US citizens lawfully asserting their human right to assemble and protest need to seriously rethink their training if they believe that brutally suppressing dissent is anything other than a crime against humanity.  No matter what their “superiors” taught them, evil is as evil does.

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