October 7th is National Call-in Day for Health Care Reform

Call, email, or tweet your Representative at:


Follow @tweetcongress on Twitter

Follow @tweetcongress on Twitter

       On October 7th, contact your Members of Congress

                             to enact health reform that:  

* Provides Medicare for All, with health data privately maintained in the doctor-of-our-choice office files, and forbids government access to our medical information;

Pays for the service by withdrawing funds from the military defense budget and/or domestic surveillance programs;

Has a strong private option for those who are willing and able to pay for private coverage, yet allow those who mistrust the insurance industry the option for free public coverage;

Does not tax health benefits that employers may choose to provide;

Closes the Medicare doughnut hole, to protect those who need drug coverage all year long;

Restores Free Trade for drug purchases, so that Americans can buy their drugs from the most suitable market; and that

Includes the CLASS Act (S. 697 and H.R. 1721), which is an important first step in addressing long term care needs.

Shamelessly adapted from an AFL-CIO flyer

5 responses to “October 7th is National Call-in Day for Health Care Reform

  1. I’m not sure about a couple of these items, but this is sure an ambitious statement. And a clear one. Why, during all this uproar about ‘death panels’ and ‘Obama-care,’ have none of the proposals been clearly defined for the public? Is fear and confusion the real result that is desired?

    • I do think they seek fear and confusion; but I’m curious which ones you object to.

      Three of the above tenets I took from the AFL-CIO flyer; the rest I made up.

  2. I don’t really support a “strong private option” tho I think people should have a choice. I am just so-o-o sick and tired of Insurance companies and their multiple versions of the extortion racket that I’d like to eliminate the whole industry!

    And why opt for “free trade” when the government should be negotiating good prices (like Canada does) and then we wouldn’t need to shop overseas anyway?

    (I know, I’m a quibbler 🙂 )

    • HA! Well, the “strong private option” is partly tongue in cheek – putting insurance on the back burner and free health care for all on the front one. but I do not mind folks paying for whatever additional schemes they choose regarding their health care costs.

      and yes I agree with you that the gov should negotiate good prices, but I want that BUsh law overturned. We used to buy our drugs from Canada and then BushCo made it illegal. So, also partly tongue in cheek, I called it free trade (for drug purchases) since the neoliberals are so into “free trade.”

  3. please give me computer.thank

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