Welcome to the ‘Flu World Order’

swine_flu (200 x 149)Dejavu all over again: It’s the “Flu World Order”

by Wayne Prante    falseflagflu.com

This report has been bugging me since I found it Tuesday morning ….

Media Advisory: Health Canada
By India-News

Mr. Morris Rosenberg, Deputy Minister Of Health Canada will attend the Meeting on North American Cooperation to Strengthen Response Capabilities against Influenza A (H1N1) during the fall and winter season 2009 – 2010.   

Gee, just like after 9/11, eh ? Remember the secretly negotiated SPP ? (North American Union by stealth) They didn’t tell us about it until March 2005, a few days before it was signed.

Now it appears that the WHO declared the “War on Terra ” on June 11th, 2009 with their Pandemic Level 6 Declaration, and now the Military-Pharmaceuitical-Oil-Finance-Industrial-Complex has dutifully launched the first missiles with the “launch” of MetImmune this week.

Will the “False Flag Flu” aka “Swine-Eleven” bring us into a North American FLUnion and a “Flu World Order” ?

More and more, it looks like that is The Plan.

How long before Flu Shot Resisters are declared “Terrorists” ? (Or is it Terra-ists??)

Wait for it … either you’re with us, or you’re with the Virus!

(Osama bin Flubug and the al Virus network ! )

I can see it now.

5 responses to “Welcome to the ‘Flu World Order’

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  3. not sure what is in the vax; or that it’s anything beyond profiteering at public expense.

    but glad to see websites out there passing on the info, even if they draw different conclusions than I do.

    I am keeping my eyes open, tho… when you see how “authorities” treat defenseless protesters, you know those in charge lack a human conscience.

    thanks for posting this, CZ

  4. Seems to me one flu over the cuckoos nest. Don`t you just love it ?

  5. H1N1 was created in a lab and deliberately released at different points around the globe.

    The Vaccine is a bio-weapon that is part of an eugenics-based program.

    The world-wide hysteria is being flamed by the mass media, while the vaccine manufactures sit on their supply to cause a demand. It is a very effective marketing tactic being applied. Give the appearance that you are in shot supply of something. Get a camera to show long lineups looking for something that is in limited supply.

    Say no to the H1N1 vaccine
    Say no to tyranny
    Say no to the New World Order



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