Operation ‘Can You Hear Us Now’?

By John Kusumi

Readers of the COTO Report might like to know that a wide array of people are organizing marches to occur at mainstream news media outlets this Saturday, 10/17/2009. I was enthused to hear it.

It is worth noting that Operation ‘Can You Hear Us Now’? seems to have grown out of the tea party and 9/12 movements that follow Fox News host Glenn Beck. For those who will be dismissive, it looks like “the righties” are steamed at left-wing media for downplaying the tea party protests.

However, I don’t see this only in a left / right prism. Everyone, at all points of the political compass, has reasons to be concerned — nay, alarmed — at the degenerate U.S. news media. Sometime back, in a YouTube video, I said:

“Glenn Beck. I sometimes wonder, is he a brilliant man with occasional flashes of lunkheadedness? Or is he a lunkhead with occasional flashes of brilliance? Either way, I suppose it is natural that I would occasionally agree and occasionally disagree with him.”

As a result of the above attitude, I decided that now is a good time to become supportive — of the media march, if not the entirety of the “9/12” (Beck) agenda.

America really does need to do something to clean up its news media. I wrote the following “open letter” to the organizers of Operation ‘Can You Hear Us Now’?:

Open Letter to OCYHUN
(Operation Can You Hear Us Now)

– Supportive words from John Kusumi –

Dear Organizer,

It was electrifying to hear that organizers were planning a multi-city march on the media for this Saturday. For 29 years, I have been an activist and an advocate. What got me the most press coverage was running for office as the 18-year-old for President in 1984. For the past 20 years, I have run the China Support Network, an organization at which grass roots Americans responded to the tragedy of China’s Tiananmen Square massacre.

As a result, I know what it is to have a movement that needs the media; and, I know what it is to have freedom, democracy, and human rights stabbed in the back by a lapdog media that flacks for corrupt politicians.

The corrupt politicians, themselves, stab freedom in the back by getting complicit with China’s human rights abuses, and by rewarding the communists, dictators, tyrants, and thugs with the jobs removed from normal Americans.

The loss of American jobs means that it is not just Chinese who were shafted by neo-liberal China policy; it is also the American people who got the shaft. Yes, Virginia, Americans get hosed by corrupt politicians and their lapdog media. Neo-liberal China policy is a crime against the American worker, and it is a principal reason why the Middle Class has been under such pressure throughout this entire decade.

Last year I published an article, “CNN Caught In Genocidal Correctness.” In that article, we learn that China’s government has used prisoners of conscience for just-in-time execution to harvest the organs for profitable transplant surgery. That’s an escalation in the human rights crackdowns of Communist China, and it is a crime against humanity — and, CNN has been sitting on this story, which they have had since 2006!

The media has covered up other things. Recently, tea party protestors are also incensed because the media has been lying about them. When fellow Americans are protesting in good faith, why should Americans lie to Americans about other Americans? Rachel Maddow, can you hear me now?

In last year’s article about genocidal correctness, I suggested Nuremberg-style trials for Peter Jennings, Tom Brokaw, and Dan Rather. Can you hear me now, Brian Williams?

The media should stop lying about the American people, when they are protesting in good faith. The media should stop calling the elections with their absurd rules of thumb that reduce the field to a sold-out Democrat versus a sold-out Republican. And, the media should stop being accessories to China’s crimes against humanity.

My point is that genocidal correctness must end, but in general all distortions by the U.S. media must end, and thank you so much to the organizers and to the rank-in-file protestors who will turn out for your very interesting “Can You Hear Us Now” rallies of October 17, 2009.

They do suck. (They of U.S. network TV ‘news’.) It isn’t hyperbole. I have described the U.S. network TV people as a bent, craven, depraved crew of sock puppets, managed by a corrupt cabal. That was said in my published article, “CNN Caught In Genocidal Correctness.”

When I was the teenager running against Ronald Reagan’s re-election, obviously I was an independent. Not a Republican and not a Democrat either, because I was also running against that year’s Democrat nominee, Walter Mondale.

I advised that we should change a system that presents the people with only two choices: a sold-out Democrat and a sold-out Republican. I also said, “the budget must be balanced, and taxes must be fair!” (That’s a digression.)

The U.S. Constitution says nothing about a two party system. Read the Constitution; it’s not in there. The two party system is a contrivance that is perpetuated by the media and by everyone’s force of habit. In a genuine democracy, citizens could run for office and be judged on the merits — strengths and weaknesses — of their platform.

Instead, we have a media that likes to call the elections, even to the extent of telling us who’s ahead long before the first vote is cast. Are they keeping it real, or are they keeping it fakey? –Apparently, that’s what they say in the offices of the U.S. news media at the end of day. “Don’t forget to keep it fakey!”

Well, screw them. (Isn’t that the point of these protests?) I’d like to make two suggestions for your protests, one cheeky and one gravely serious.

One, look up, download, and play a song called “Ministry of Fools” by a British heavy metal band called Saxon. Today’s protests are confronting America’s Ministry of Fools.

For my gravely serious suggestion, let’s follow through with my suggestion, first published in my article. There, I said that “Congressional hearings may be in order, as an outside investigation.” Across time, there have been many Congressmen and Senators themselves, who have been puzzled by the odd behavior of the U.S. news media. Puzzled and thwarted, because they were calling for things that are clearly in America’s best interests.

Ultimately, Capitol Hill should open up hearings into what’s been going on in America’s news media. Those harmed, injured, or damaged by the news media are more than isolated data points. We have innumerable data points, and they point to patterns of systemic behavior that can only be management decisions.

In other words, we should do more than knock Wolf Blitzer. We should subpoena the executives upstairs from Blitzer, like Jon Klein and Jim Walton at CNN. They are not the scum of the earth — that would be hyperbole — but they are the scum of the United States, for being accessories to genocide; complicit in crimes against the American worker; and covering up stolen elections, questions about 9/11, faulty war intelligence, etc.

Newsroom people make a sport out of circular filing activism. “Can You Hear Us Now?” might or might not get coverage. But, Congressional hearings into this modern day propaganda ministry are the type of occasion that they could not miss. As a result, I hope that organizers of the marches and rallies now will also “take it to the next level.” Rather than wait for the next election in 2010, let’s prompt Congressional hearings to occur in the meanwhile.

And once again, I thank you very much for taking in my missive! All the best,

/s./ John Kusumi
Cheshire, CT

2 responses to “Operation ‘Can You Hear Us Now’?

  1. I had no idea this was taking place John. I agree with your views except that I believe Glenn Beck may be a govt operative and that’s why he seems to flip flop often on different issues. He leads the sheeple with the truth and then has “experts” on to “debunk” it. His shows on the fema camps is a prime example of that.

    I also don’t think Capitol Hill will open up any hearings anytime soon on the dereliction of duty of msm since I also believe msm is “state controlled.”

    How did the protest turn out?

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