Stewart calls out Fox News for ignoring gay rights march

dc_demo1 (500 x 321)By David Edwards

This video is from Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, broadcast Oct. 13, 2009.

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Fox News dedicated hours to coverage of tea party protests in Washington D.C. but ignored the National Equality March for gay rights. The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart wants to know why.

Stewart blasted Fox News last night for covering nearly every anti-tax tea party protest (including one a producer riled up to get ready for a shot) but not sending anyone to cover the recent gay rights march on Washington.

Counting the minutes Fox devoted to the march, Stewart’s staffers found that the network had devoted just four minutes — despite the fact the protesters numbered 75,000 strong.

Fox didn’t even send a camera crew.

“You didn’t even send your own camera crew?” Stewart exhorted. “You have a Washington bureau. Tell them to go the window and point the camera down. Gay people aren’t vampires. They show up on camera.”

The march has divided gay rights supporters, some of whom have criticized the event as diverting resources from fights over banning gay marriage in Maine and other states. The march’s organizer, an ally of assassinated gay rights leader Harvey Milk, has said a state-by-state fight for gay rights is too slow.

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Posted at RawStory.

[Ed. Note: Be sure to catch the oh-so-gay-bitch snark about Glenn Beck’s hair by str8 comedian Jon Stewart. (I swear a gay man wrote that line.]

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