Czechs say NO to Baxter Vaccines

The Czech Govt asked the hard questions, i.e., Is it safe?  Do you guarantee that? Obviously the answer was NOT yes to both. Truly shows that after the fiasco with the contaminated H5N1 vaccine earlier this year, one smarter-than-average government said ‘Thanks, but, no thanks’ to Baxter.

This snippet I found on 

Baxter not to provide anti-swine flu vaccine to Czechs –Czech Health Ministry: Baxter unable to guarantee its vaccine is safe, won’t be responsible for its side-effects 03 Aug 2009 The U.S. pharmaceutical firm Baxter which manufactures a vaccine against the swine flu in its Czech branch will not ensure the vaccine for the Czech Republic in the case of a pandemic, Baxter media representative Jana Cechova told CTK today. “No contract for the delivery of the vaccines A(H1N1) between Baxter and the Czech Republic has been concluded,” Cechova said. The server writes that the Czech Health Ministry has explained its stopping the talks with Baxter by the firm’s inability to guarantee that the vaccine is safe and who will bear the risks for possible side-effects.

I am also reporting that a friend here in Australia recieved a Flu Jab on Friday afternoon, he was pushed into it by the doctor, who also gave him an unneeded Tetanus booster at the same time. (He had an accident in Dec 08, and received one then. He has had NO wounds since, and medical records have evidence of his receiving Tetanus vaccine at that time!)

He actually went in for a 3-month check up from prior injuries.

So, back to the story, today Sunday here, the 25th Oct 09 2 days on, he is in pain, muscle and bones aching, nausea, headache,giddy and has a fever…I am talking of a man who survived massive injuries from a horse trampling him in Dec with barely a complaint..this has him in bed and really ill! and actually complaining.

This is Australia’s own CSL Pandemrix Vaccine.

Sound familiar to symptoms of the Flu to you???

Sure does to me!

NO ONE in this town has had the swine flu, Not ONE!

But after the local GP wanting to raise his income substantially, I would bet many others also will now be symptomatic.

4 responses to “Czechs say NO to Baxter Vaccines

  1. I kept looking for info re the above company, and found very little of worth or with info, however, here are three links.

    Quite a lot of money earnt, yet no upgrade to web page owned and run by them, and the only Site with the Pharmaceutical registry appears to be an Indian uni site..
    I could locate NO trials data. anyone able to do better is really welcomed by me:-)
    we would love the info , should you find it:-)
    IF? it exists???

  2. heres the gen on the place they appear to have sent the trials data for approval.
    yeah I know..I used wiki…however as the info appears to be supplied BY the uni…In this case I feel it is how they want to be seen, still trying to work out how they? are able to approve it though?

  3. Umm? , here is a more likely spot..but,
    anyone read Czech?
    the only listing is the Czech govt and its not in English:-)
    if you’d spent a few millions, there would be an incentive to approve…soooo similar to FDA application fees maybe?

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