FBI General Counsel: Constitution and Bill of Rights ‘Seriously Miss the Mark’

spying onyou (250 x 272)By Jim, Irregular Times

The FBI is spying on American people and organizations — without warrants, without probable cause, without suspicion, covertly. 

Fourth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States:

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Federal Bureau of Investigation General Counsel Valerie Caprioni:

“Those who say the FBI should not collect information on a person or group unless there is a specific reason to suspect that the target is up to no good seriously miss the mark. The FBI has been told that we need to determine who poses a threat to the national security — not simply to investigate persons who have come onto our radar screen.”

James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson. They seriously missed the mark.

While the New York Times Technology section fritters away the paper’s reputation on recycled press releases, Times reporter Charlie Savage posts a real zinger today, uncovering the following:

* The FBI has been conducting surveillance in the United States of persons and groups who are not suspected of committing or planning to commit any crime.

* This surveillance has been often covert and involves undercover infiltration of social milieux and organizations.

* FBI surveillance within the United States can be based on statements of political opinion people have made.

* FBI surveillance within the United States can be based on people’s religious affiliation.

* FBI surveillance within the United States can be based on people’s ethnic origin.

Confronted with documentation of the existence of this program, FBI general counsel Valerie Caprioni became especially anxious. What was she anxious about? Well, as you saw above, she was anxious to identify our Constitution, our Bill of Rights and those who ascribe to them as “seriously off the mark.” We’ve already established that. But Caprioni was also anxious that people would come to the conclusion that an FBI program dedicated to conducting covert surveillance of people and infiltration of groups not suspected of any crime might be thought of as “spying”:

“I don’t like to think of us as a spy agency because that makes me really nervous. We don’t want to live in an environment where people in the United States think the government is spying on them. That’s an oppressive environment to live in and we don’t want to live that way.”

The FBI’s General Counsel didn’t say that “we don’t want to live in an environment where the government is spying on people in the United States.”

The FBI’s General Counsel said that “we don’t want to live in an environment where people in the United States think the government is spying on them.”

The FBI is spying on American people and organizations — without warrants, without probable cause, without suspicion, covertly. But the FBI asks you, please, don’t think of it that way. It would be best for the FBI if you didn’t think of it at all.

Also see America’s Librarians Call for Patriot Act Surveillance Reform in Congress.

7 responses to “FBI General Counsel: Constitution and Bill of Rights ‘Seriously Miss the Mark’

  1. Y’know…if they’re *really* committed to this foolish premise that gathering intelligence on “people of promise” within the US without cause and specific warrant, then they should subject themselves to the same standard.

    The FBI…every employee and their immediate family…needs to make public every aspect of their professional, personal and private lives to the general public.

    That’s right. If Mr or Mrs Junior G-Man can open up the lives of anyone at any time based on any premise, We the People have every right to know everything about these voyeurs of the “general welfare.”

    What, you say, you don’t like that idea?

    We can fix that problem very, very quickly.

    Get a goddamn warrant and be visible to the judiciary and Congress. You G-men f*kers have gone out of your way to ensure the government is slanted so far to the Right that they could slide all the way to Franco’s Spain using nothing but a gentle tail wind.

    Have a little faith in your subversive intentions and your fan club; be visible in a non-partisan and impartial manner.

    Or get the f*k away from the joystick, cowgirls. This ain’t Pong we’re playing anymore.

    • I feel your anger – ready to leave this fascist country, I’ll tell ya.

      they are BEGGING for a revolution

      • I’m beginning to think that “revolution” is why they sent our boys and girls into the Afghanistan in the first place…they’re rendering the tools of revolution completely useless by grinding the minds of our most patriotic and youthful citizens into dust with trauma and rexposure to trauma.

        I expected more out of that prairie fire we started in Crawford back in ’05. I’m starting to suspect that Medea may have been working “crowd control” to throw everything off-track and disunifying the movement.

        Evidence? Sketchy, guilt by association, but worth digging something up about….

        …George “Can’t Say Nuf Good Stuff Bout China” Soros received an honorary degree and spoke at the commencement of the New School: the place where Medea received her last advanced degree.

        Cindy already knows.

        I have a copy of the Army’s counterinsurgency manual if you’re interested in tracking down the tactics they’ve been using against us from, like, September 12, 2001.

  2. Nothing new about any of this, really. The FBI’s been doing all this for decades. As for James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, they were all Freemasons and Hamilton was an agent of the Rothschilds of London. His mission was to replace our original founding document – the Articles of Confederation – with a new constitution that would guarantee an ever-expanding centralized government with a central bank. The Articles prevented that from happening, by several measures, among which was the mandate that the several states shall each coin their own money, thus preventing any centralized monetary system that could be taken advantage of. The Constitution stripped the states of that authority and gave it to one body: Congress, which was complicit with the formation of the Bank of the United States, four years later in 1791, the year that Freemason George Washington became President. Anyone still reverent toward Washington needs to have a look at this:

    Basically, our republic died 222 years ago, with the ratification of the Constitution. We’ve been brainwashed, for generations, into revering it as our founding document while being misinformed (if informed at all) about the Articles of Confederation, which is what our republic was founded upon.

  3. The Constitution is just fine with me! If all those in the government who abuse its provisions were thrown out of office, we would be in good shape.

    Forty years ago at a tender age I was told that there was a file on me “that thick” (six to eight inches). Now why does being an active citizen result in such oppressive behavior by government ? In truth, pervasive movements of active citizens can rock the world. (and they know it)

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