Gary Null Speaks against the H1N1 Vaccine at the NYS Assembly Hearing 10-13-2009

AICCO cols vax JSNThis is well worth watching, as Null has done extensive research with a group of young research attorneys to stop this criminal act of vaccination until the vaccine makers can prove that the vaccine is effective and will not cause any injury to anyone who takes it.

In Part 3, he quotes the diabolical mark-up prices on certain drugs plus statistics, e.g. Vioxx caused 43,000 deaths in 4 years, plus 125,000 injured from taking it. The drug company, Merck, on that drug alone paid out $4.85 billion in lawsuits, which was kept hush, hush from the public.

WATCH… just 25 minutes of your time, and you’ll learn a thing or two:

Also read his October 29th report, co-written with Richard Gale, Obama Administration Launches Deceptive Swine Flu Propaganda Blitz to Counter Growing Criticism from Scientific and Medical Community.

Dr. Gary Null is the host of the nation’s longest running public radio program on nutrition and natural health and a multi-award-winning director of progressive documentary films, including Vaccine Nation and Autism: Made in the USA. Dr. Null is also the plaintiff in a lawsuit against the FDA to prevent the launch of the swine flu vaccine until safety studies have been thoroughly conducted.

6 responses to “Gary Null Speaks against the H1N1 Vaccine at the NYS Assembly Hearing 10-13-2009

  1. Brilliant work by Gary Null! such a pity that he is not the FDA chief! If he or someone else? with his integrity were in that position..I just bet that the approval and testing he would demand would see a lot of the harmful drugs and devices removed PDQ!
    To ensure that data is correct, and to Demand ALL trials results are presented for examination, is the basic tenet of what the FDA is Supposed to be there for after all.
    Instead we get pharma paid, ghostwritten, falsified, and erroneous results, untested and allowed to pass.
    Shame FDA and Regulatory boards. Disgusting moral terpitude.. Lack of any ethics, and a disgrace to the profession of science and medicine.

    • you’re oh-so-right, Oz. the more Mike Adams I read, the more I’ve come to understand that the entire premise of vaccines is faulty. We evolved with flu bugs, not genetically-engineered vaccines. The use of vaccines to prevent flu threatens the future of humanity – just like using pesticides threatens the entire food system – creating superbugs to which we have no defense.

      these people need to be imprisoned.

  2. Dr. Null has certified everything which I have suspected in regards to the medical and pharmaceutical industries for the past thirt years.
    The only question left unanswered for me is; who is to be held most liable, the drug companies who are literallly robbing the American people with absolutely outrageous markup on product which leads to astronomical insurance premiums and concurently the death and illness of people who can not afford to maintain a regimine of neccessary drugs or the medical industry, who is aware and allows this practice.
    Of course, I could go on down the line and mention the people who, in the very least, should have a difficult time sleeping, which would be lobbyists, the senate, and any other who knowingly profits from an industry whose primary purpose is “to do no harm’ yet deliberately denies millions of people the medical attention needed to maintain their lives and deliberately manufactures and sells drugs which are not properly tested and contain ingredients known to have serious detrimental effects on those to whom they are administered.
    Hitler couldn’t have been prouder of the results which the sheer greed and capitalism of America has had on our medical profession.
    I’ve said many times, nothing short of revolution will fix this country’s woes. Shame!!!!!!!!!!!

    • hiya Peter, yup. sad thing is 99% of those drugs are NOT needed, or natural alternatives work as well if not better, and certainly safer! Codex is to remove those options.
      AMA is a pack of wolves tearing at society, a self regulating closed book to all but the inner circle..sound familiar?
      may I suggest a look at
      for a real informative site with simple effective and cheap! solutions to a lot of illnesses.
      what we are told…and what is truth..
      2 different things!

    • this entire vaccine scam only proves to me WHY the US used to issue only temporary charters to corporations. When corporations rule, only profit matters – to hell with public safety, to hell with environmental care, to hell with democracy.

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