H1N1 vaccines too little, too late; most people already exposed and immune

swine_flu_immunity cropdBy Mike Adams

The Big Pharma frenzy over H1N1 vaccines has turned into a circus of hilarious medical quackery thanks to the fact that by the time the vaccines are available, most people will have already been exposed to the virus. Hence, most people will have already built up their own H1N1 antibodies, rendering the vaccine not just useless, but downright laughable.

Even with the outlandish rush to get these vaccines approved by the FDA — a hurry that saw the complete abandonment of the principles of “scientific testing” — Big Pharma just couldn’t get these vaccines produced quickly enough to beat the virus itself. Taking a vaccine shot after you’ve already been exposed is medically useless. It’s equivalent to putting on your seat belt after getting into a car wreck.

Even U.S. News & World Report, which is heavily funded by Big Pharma advertising, is now admitting the swine flu outbreak may be over before the vaccines arrive. It reports:

“Richard Wenzel, an H1N1 expert and former president of the Infectious Diseases Society of America, predicts that the outbreak will last another four to eight weeks before tapering off. In fact, some areas in the South already are seeing a decline in cases. Given that the vaccine will be produced in limited quantities on a rolling basis, most healthy middle-aged adults — who the government recommends should be vaccinated after children, college students, and pregnant women — won’t be getting immunized before the outbreaks peak and wane.”

Did you catch the significance of that last sentence? Most people won’t be getting immunized before the outbreak tapers off. And that means the whole reason for getting the vaccine in the first place — to avoid being killed by an exploding pandemic — will soon be rendered pointless. Leave it to western medicine to act all heroic, pretending to be saving people’s lives from a pandemic that’s already on the way out…

Maintaining the illusion

Of course, infectious disease reality never got in the way of Big Pharma making a buck, so this inane vaccine push will continue whether people need it or not. All these vaccines have already been ordered and paid for with taxpayer dollars. Delivery is on the way, and there are no refunds. If cities, states and nations don’t use all these vaccines, they’ll look pretty darned stupid for buying them, won’t they?

That’s why health authorities everywhere are determined to use up these vaccines regardless of medical reality. And that means finding enough willing children and adults to be injected. Following that, as the swine flu pandemic fades away (which it was going to do anyway), all the vaccine-pushing health authorities can proclaim, “We did it! We beat the pandemic with the vaccines!”

But the pandemic was burning out on its own, without any intervention at all.

Of course, taking credit for solving problems they didn’t really solve is nothing new to the vaccine industry. To this day, the drug companies credit themselves with eradicating smallpox, measles and yellow fever when, in reality, the historical record shows that it was primarily improvements in hygiene and public infrastructure that caused these once-terrible epidemics to wane.

The transition from open ditches filled with feces to underground public sewage pipes was, all by itself, one of modern civilization’s greatest achievements in terms of reducing infectious disease. Running water, public water treatment systems and sewage processing technologies deserve most of the credit for eradicating infectious disease. Vaccines have relatively little to do with it.

If you let the pharmaceutical industry write the history books, they make it sound like our modern world would have collapsed into a cesspool of disease without their vaccines. It’s fiction, of course, but it’s the kind of fiction that goes over well with a society that maintains an almost fanatical belief in the bizarre mythology of unproven chemical interventions. To this day, there remains absolutely no credible scientific evidence that H1N1 vaccines work at all. Not a single placebo-controlled study has ever been conducted on them!

Speaking of rewriting the history books, Big Pharma will no doubt seek to rewrite the history of the 2009 H1N1 Swine Flu, too. Even if the flu fades out just as the vaccines arrive, the vaccine pushers will claim credit for eradicating the pandemic by blurring the factual timelines. They’ll add swine flu to the list of diseases they claim to have eradicated, like the measles.

The real story here is that swine flu never posed a real threat to humanity, and it would have gone away on its own, even without the vaccines. Tens of millions of people have already been exposed and subsequently built their own H1N1 antibodies.

And guess what? Their immune systems did it for free. No needles required. Amazing!

Posted at Natural News.

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