Criminalizing Peace

By Brasscheck TV

It seems like in the years leading up to whatever it was that happened at Fort Hood on November 5, Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan was one busy guy.

He made it a point to attend a mosque run by a notorious, high profile imam with an overly anti-American philosophy.

He encouraged soldiers to desert.

He was loud and outspoken about his opposition to the war.

We’re not some obscure immigrant just off the boat working at a gas station in Bayonne. NJ.

This was a freakin’ major in the US army… in wartime…who was given the job of providing psychological counseling to troops.

Did the Army have a problem with any this?

No, not at all.

The Army is a liberal institution in the best sense of that word and encourages a wide diversity of opinion on its policies.

Live and let live. Every man is entitled to his own opinion, right?

Any readers ever been in the armed forces?

How long do you think you’d have lasted if you carried on this way?

For example, can you imagine a Marine walking around base, spouting Marxism and quoting Lenin at the height of the
Cold War being given a top security clearance? Ridicu…

Ooops. I just described Lee Harvey Oswald.

(Pay no attention to the foot high stacks of documents the CIA *still* refuses to release about him.)

But hey, that’s all “conspiracy” stuff and that’s for kooks.

The US military has better things to do while it protects the country than keep tabs on a very publicly unbalanced
officer who is very publicly against the war.

…On the other hand, if you’re a *civilian* and not some nut in the making and you’re interested in peace, watch out.

The resources for keeping track of you are boundless.

Via email and BrassCheck TV.

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