Earth in a natural warming trend?

by Oz

I strongly suggest that anyone who has any interest, and is NOT brainwashed so thoroughly that the Obvious cannot get through, watch this clip and the series of them.

There is also an Aussie geologist called Ian Plimer, whose clips are also no nonsense and truthful.

Copenhagen is going to be a debacle. However some idiot politicians are still willing to sign the beginning of the legally binding agreements that will do no good to the citizens of the world, but will enrich the select few like Gore and warmist IPCC members and their flunkies.

People will obfuscate and manipulate data, and outright lie to scare the gullible to panic like chickens, or sheep!

ABC Radio and TV supposedly unbiased and uncorrupt, has sold out in Australia. I am deeply disgusted and ashamed.

The climate is everchanging, I do not dispute that. I do dispute most strongly that we, apart from local area pollution, have enough impact to do what these idiots are saying we have.

13 responses to “Earth in a natural warming trend?

  1. So it’s just ‘natural’ that Australia is burning? and all the nasty chemicals and smoke we smarty-pants people have pumped into the air couldn’t possibly be at fault?

    Sure, and if you get lung cancer it couldn’t be because you lived in a smog-ridden city. Just second-hand smoke, folks.

    • actually Laudyms it happens almost every year, usually on a stinking hot 40C day with a hot north wind driving it, and quite often its lightning started, if we get lucky we get rain fairly soon, if not it burns and burns..
      its a very natural event Historical records show this clearly.
      Its why the aboriginals practiced planned burns.
      since we got TOO green they stopped the clearing of underbrush and stopped grazing the hillsides with massive grass loads of many tonnes per acres of burnable debris, and
      Kyoto stole farmers land and ability to maintain it safely for fire problems. and Councils wanting the money allowed people to build in massively steep heavily treed areas and agenda 21 laws refused the right to clear a safe area around those same badly placed homes.

  2. Actually, the problem is it is WE consumers being blamed for ALL the pollution while they kill us with chemtrails & gmo foods & fluroide and other toxins in our water. What do they propose to do about it? TAX THE HELL OUT OF US! What will happen to the real bigtime polluters? Same as always.. NOTHING. They will continue to profit off of their raping and pillaging of the earth while we slaves get to pay them for it. Carbon taxing the middle class out of existence will NOT save the planet.

    Al Gore is a fraud. He stands to make millions if not billions off of his carbon trading scheme. And the earth will still continue to be abused by the corporate polluters.

    • Gore supported MTBE, and ethanol. both of which caused serious health issues, one from contamination, and the other from taking FOOD growing land out of production and actually using more water poisons and GM crops to make less fuel than the energy it produces

  3. Imagine we all agree the ‘solutions’ are rigged to be worse than the problem.

    Corporatism is the original big-time problem. We can’t do much of anything else until we get rid of them.

  4. Are you joking? Carter is a blithering idiot. Here is his nonsense cut to ribbons by facts:
    Climate Change — isn’t it natural?

    and many references exposing his idiocy

    If anything, Plimer is worse. Plimer’s book is a ridiculous collection of pseudo-science, ridiculous errors, and outright fabrications
    Ian Plimer – Heaven and Earth

    Take the 10 min needed to fact check before writing nonsense.

    • greenfyre, i suggest you look here,
      and there have been a whole lot more added recently as people start to do some snooping.
      I also suggest that Realclimate as a TOOL of IPCC is not a credible source.
      Robin Williams referred me to Nature:-) when I wrote to have a go at his glaringly obvious bias.
      hmm Nature hey..another Ipcc outlet.
      have you looked at the latest about his interests in TATA? his funding a supposed green site via a cover company ie Tata tea?
      or the convenient name change of Tata recently?
      the fact they own, and have received a huge pile of brits Pounds for shutting down a steel mill in UK, while gaining more Funds to start the exact same production volume up in India..gee thats double dipping and then some?
      oh and a really good one is his Defrauding the UK govt on income tax, he claims he donates his wages..yup to the Psuedo cover of the former Tata group in yup again! India.
      I wonder how an Engineer who’s previous to IPCC appointment was working for Indian rail…managed to get where he is?
      and as for the WIKI items. you need to know that WIKI authors editors just got BUSTED for deletions refusals and INCORRECT info on the warming saga. one chap “adjusted” thousands of details.
      I sincerely hope Plimer sues the ass off of him.
      see wuwt for the sorry saga.
      They have no funding from anyone but readers donations.

      and Laudyms, yes it is very normal for somewhere in Aus to have a ripper fire most years, the massive amounts of land removed from use,( thanks to Kyoto) in mountainous areas meant people couldnt graze sheep or cattle, that normally keep the undergrowth down for us, and add a 40+ dry day with strong winds, it gets ugly,
      Then add a firebug!
      that jerk started a number of fires than melded in and made what may have been a controllable area, far beyond the resources available.
      BOM burea of meteorology in aus has a histroy area it shows many savage fires in the last century, 1930s and 50s were very bad.. if the areas had been as settled as now more would have died as they did last year.
      the real life here is a year without a fire is the really notable one.

  5. greenfyre… how about you address the idiocy and nonsense of the government’s solution to the problem of climate change? THAT is the real issue we have to deal with.

    Their “solutions” have nothing to do with saving the earth and everything to do with the corporate pigs making more money off the backs of the already broken people. Their carbon trading scheme is nothing but a scam. The big polluters are in no way made responsible for the mess they create and yet they intend to impose ever increasing taxes upon an already over taxed, underpaid middle class.

    The greening of the world and global warming are a well orchestrated advertising campaign to get the public to put more money into the hands of the very people who are really creating the problem in the first place. Jail the BIG polluters like exxon and dow and THEN talk to me about my lightbulbs!

    • well stated JG, I can’t believe that people are NOT questioning the maths here, a FOR Profit company gets carbon cred for fixing the crap they Knew they should have inbuilt into the factory when it was built..then they get assistance? to either replace or move off shore, and a whole lot of the little left in the 1st world is falling overethemselves to go to 3rd world for extra credits and cheaper wages now..
      paying a mea culpa tax and continuing to output the same or more?
      and the ADMITTED goal of Copenhagen is a ONE world Tax and bank and Government. CO2 is the fall guy at the front.
      proven organic earth and human friendly solutions are ignored..and GM is getting massive push as saving us?
      BTW a VERY important fact is that if we lower CO2 no plants will grow well organic or GM.
      here in Aus after an ordinary ;low years rain for the last 4, our trees are growing so fast they are splitting vertically as the tree grows. blossom is great and the growth is lush.
      the weird thing is..we are getting the odd hot few days, thats normal 40+ for a week or so, however its COOL most nights and our melons pumkins and all heat loving plants are just not coping, soil hasnt warmed enough for them. normally a high 30s day means a warm night, well its just not happening. I am still sleeping under 3 wool blankets a quilt and a sleeping bag on top of that! and its summer?

      • Oz, my god… 3 wool blankets and a sleeping bag in summer in ozland? Sounds like global cooling to me!

        Oz & Laudy, I think the same people that are buying the CO2 global warming argument are the same ones that refused to actually HEAR & SEE what Obama did before they voted for him. They obviously expected different results than they’ve been getting(baah baaaaaah) and the same will hold true for the results of this global warming shakedown of the people of the world.

        Do I think people need to conserve natural resources, recycle and not be so wasetful?.. of course! Do I think the big corps have not and will not clean up after themselves and not only will not be prosecuted for it but will continue raking in the profits with the ok from world govt while we the people pay out through the nose ? Of course !

    • Whether we agree about human impact on climate or not Deb, your observations are right on the money! The Oligarchy has refined their process so that they take a big bite of anything that comes down the pipeline or completely distort it for their own profit.

      Meanwhile they encourage us to fight amongst ourselves over defining the problem LOL

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