Obama Completely Snookered by the Chinese Regime

By John Kusumi

This is a repost, originally found on the Secret China web site:

China arranged fake ‘students’ to meet Obama
By Xia Yu /Secret China Staff Nov. 17, 2009

A Chinese blogger exposed on the Sohu forum that the ‘students’ who asked questions of President Obama during his visit to China, were actors arranged by the Chinese government, they are not students.

After the news that Obama had met with Chinese students, Chinese ‘human search engines’ (Chinese bloggers searching on web to find truth) have found that the first female to question Obama, whose name is ‘Chengxi, is vice chair of the communist pioneer committee research office of FuDan university; the third person, a male whose name is Huang Lihe is the chairman of the communist youth league committee of Tongji University, foreign language college.

They found that another ‘student’ who asked questions, Xian Wendao, graduated in 2006, and now is the vice chairman of the students communist party committee of Shanghai Jiaotong University, Michigan College.

Comments poured into the Chinese web:

Why do teachers in our society need to act as ‘underground party members’ and fake students?

How can our leaders still be so stupid and do not understand about how the internet works? If they show photos people can recognise..!?

All the ‘students’ are very clear on one issue: “who holds the power of their life and death?” so they know how to act accordingly.

2 responses to “Obama Completely Snookered by the Chinese Regime

  1. GW BushCo did the same thing. Packing the room is hardly new, and I doubt it was unexpected.

  2. You might also check out:

    Obama’s China Junket: “We’re Opening Doors for Wall Street and Nothing More”

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