The Who of the Flu

By T. Jefferson

Scientists say the H1N1 swine flu was created and even the New England Journal of Medicine says the virus appears to have come from a lab.  Who made it?

Watch this video of the Bush administration talking about ordering H1N1 vaccines (with squalene, which was illegal) in 2004, five years before H1N1 supposedly “broke out.”

Watch this video on who holds patents on the flu and flies border patrol over where it “broke out.”

Think of the billions this country has forked over for vaccines for a flu milder than most seasonal flus, and to companies who managed to get all liability removed during the … Bush administration.  

A terrible flu the CDC tells us.  Really?  CBS proved they putting out figures that were off by as much as 98%, and doing all they could to keep information from getting out.

UPI did a study showing the CDC is corrupted by its financial interests in vaccine manufacturers. 
Everything about this “pandemic” – from the draconian forced vaccination laws put in place before it even existed, to the tie in with Homeland Security, to the removal of liability for the drug companies, to the arrangement for vast sums of money, to military support (for a flu?), to harmonization with WHO giving them power over the US, and now it seems, even the virus itself – was prearranged under Bush.

It appears to be Bush’s flu.  Why?  To sell vaccines?  To create controlling MSEHPA laws worse than the Patriot Act?  Both? [See Leonard Horowitz’s 2001 review of MSEHPA, or Jane Burgermeister’s 2009 revision of same.  Also see MSEHPA authors’ JAMA article describing MSEHPA.]

He is a swine to have done this, so swine flu is also accurate.

If this is a manmade virus, to the extent that anyone has died from it, even one person, wouldn’t that death be murder?  And then if one adds the mounting deaths from the vaccines ….

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