The Change: Hope

By Betsy L. Angert

It is said, as individuals, we can achieve all we conceive, if only we truly believe. President Barack Obama once knew this. He lived this veracity. Indeed, candidate Obama’s audacity and accomplishments gave Americans hope. When Barack Obama reached for the sky he realized what no one thought he could. The electorate was energized. People came to expect the country was in for a change. Now, it seems Mister Obama is bogged down by what Eisenhower understood, concerns of the Military Industrial Complex.

The intricacy of the Armed Forces mission does not confine itself to forceful martial escalation. Nothing escapes the wide reach of combative nation building. Lives are lost. Limbs crushed. With bullets ablaze, brains are battered or blown to smithereens. Hope suffers. Hearts are hurt.

The economy is also affected. Education policies are altered. There are few pennies left to provide for adequate instruction. Health care coverage fiscal calculations related to medical treatments and delivery of services are transformed. The billions of dollars spent on defense surpasses any other consideration. This fiscal truth is obviously not lost on a Commander-In-Chief burdened with the need to appease his many Advisors, most of whom, from the beginning, were intent on war.

President Obama could not ignore or forget his own earlier rhetoric. After all, his words “Afghanistan is a war of necessity,” helped him win over the hearts and minds of Conservatives and Independents during the recent election. As one who believes and works to builds consensus, some say President Obama chose to take the middle path.

With his decision to send more troops, into Afghanistan, the President has shattered the dreams of many. Another surge will mean countless communities will wait for more dollars to spend at home. A patient nation, for a while longer, will remain proud and stay the course.

For now, only eight percent, the progressive fringe, feel a deepening sense of hopelessness. Millions of Independents have also lost faith. When only 36 percent of these think President Obama has done a fine job that could prove to be a problem.

If, over time, personal pains become more profound, the exorbitant budgetary imbalance will not be ignored. Misery amongst the masses will likely bring more voices of dissent.

In this moment, those on the far Left feel they must vocalize the sentiment heard in society at-large. However, without reason to believe, with signs that change has not come to those most in need, the public will turn nasty. Timidity, as history reveals, is transitory.

Just as we witnessed in the 1960s, again in 2008, a war weary population becomes disheartened, and loud. Americans who struggle to survive, and who realize billions, no trillions of dollars are spent on the fight, will ultimately, speak out vociferously

This week, President Obama quoted his predecessor, General Eisenhower,, “Each proposal must be weighed in the light of a broader consideration: the need to maintain balance in and among national programs.” Then, contrary to Ike’s caution, he bowed to the Military Industrial Complex.  Should Mister Obama continue down this path people of all walks of life are likely to rise up and say, the change we once believed in, our hope, has become our sense of hopelessness.

References for the reality of hope and hopelessness . . .

copyright © 2009 Betsy L. Angert.

2 responses to “The Change: Hope

  1. articleLarge
    Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

  2. Liberals are useless. Chris Hedges doesn’t pull punches and he’s dead on.

    Obama didn’t disappoint the real progressives who believed the man when he said he’d bomb Pakistan, voted for the patriot act and domestic warrentless wiretapping, supported bailing out the banksters and didn’t take an attack on Iran off the table as he promised AIPAC just to name a few of the things he did or said he’d do. Where was all the hope in those words and actions?

    No, Obama didn’t disappoint anyone but those that projected what they wanted to see onto him instead of what was really there.

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