The Institutionalization of Evil

Prescott, George and the Space Between

By Richard Volaar

Evil has reached the level of a public health crisis in our country and throughout the world. Those who have demonstrated and displayed the mendacity and atrociousness inherent in their public and private acts need to be quarantined immediately.

I just had a professor and acquaintance of mine tell me that I am “world class” smart.  Dan is a good man, sometimes a tad hyperbolic, but I think I’ll take him at his word since his wife, also a professor, works at the public university where I’ve been trying to get my Master’s degree for some time now.  When a researcher who dabbles in structured equation modeling and its relationship to world economic trends tells me that I’m “world class” smart, I should probably just shaddup and say, “thank you.”  Not being as swift a codesmith as I once was in my twenties has been weighing heavily on my mind this past week, so beggars can’t be choosers.

That’s my epoché for this week and my introduction to a core dump of feelings, insights and ruminations from two weeks of living in the buckle of the Bible Belt.  What makes these two weeks profound and worthy of further comment is not just the backed up emotion and disappointment I am experiencing, but the reality of watching a multigenerational neo-fascist cabal lay the ground work for the eventual takeover of the country I thought I knew.  As it turns out, and as my semester project studying the ideology of the border “patriots” is revealing – America, I barely knew ye at all.

First, a statement of the obvious.

Barak Hussein Obama is little more than a shill for the banking interests that elected him President in the first place.  These interests continue to actively threaten his life through a variety of staged events designed to communicate, very publicly, that he is much less safe as the nation’s first black President than was our nation’s first example of elitist inbreeding.  While I was willing to tolerate a certain amount of political manipulation on Obama’s part in the interest of social justice, my patience has been exhausted.  Living with and around combat veterans and their families most of my life, I am no longer capable of tolerating their abuse, misuse and manipulation on behalf of corporate business interests.

Second, a statement of position.

Evil begets evil.  Inaction begets apathy, not tolerance.  Tolerating the intolerant in our midst is not the acceptance of the democratic principle of majority rule with special consideration of minority opinion; it is apathy in the face of evil.  Apathy is evil incarnate.  Spread across a population of 300 million we have enough apathetic evil operating in and among us to tolerate the destruction of our own identity as individuals and as a nation.  We have and will continue to commit atrocities against ourselves and against others until each of us chooses to never again allow evil to dwell in our midst.  My position is that I will no longer be tolerant of evil operating in a public space.

Third, what is evil?

Evil is not necessarily, “all that is not good.”  Evil is intolerable, intolerant and atrocious public behavior.  Evil is not just blowing one’s self up in an act of personal and political suicide in a crowded public space.  Evil is also the wanton murder of innocent civilians by conspiracy and using the event of such a mass murder to promote a political and economic agenda vastly at odds with a nation’s identity.  Evil is continuing to promote a cover-up of this mass murder for personal, political and/or economic gain. 

Fascism and capitalism, clearly, are evil economic systems as their use and inevitable abuse has resulted in the production and reproduction of the evil consequences before us.  A strong argument exists to suggest that fascism is the inevitable consequence of capitalism; that both fascism and capitalism seek to enslave the poor to the rich.  But evil is not just an economic system that conspires to limit human potential.  Evil is not just atrocity or apathy in the face of atrocity; evil is also a conspiracy to commit atrocity, to promote intolerance or to inflict intolerable circumstances on one’s fellows.  Evil is murder, but it is also the disempowering force of the public falsehood or other mendacious behavior.  Politicians cut from the cloth of our present moment in history are at extremely high risk for evil behavior.  It is not that all politicians are evil — it is that, by now, most of them are.  Eventually the evil behavior of the majority will make what few good politicians we have left incapable of operating according to not-evil principles.

Finally, what can we do about evil?

By my earlier definition, evil is public behavior or private conspiracy to commit evil acts.  People “become evil” not because that is their natural state but because we can only know another person through observing and experiencing the effects of their public acts.  Therefore it can only be the case that evil be considered like a viral infection capable of infecting the public and private behavior of individuals.  Evil must also have a “cure” as well, but like any problem of public health, expedience can sometimes require that drastic steps be taken.  Upon positive identification, evil must at least be quarantined.  But because people infected with evil can become so diseased as to see themselves as unworthy of quarantine, they must be forced to accept internment apart from their healthier fellows in complete suspension of their civil or human right to freely associate.

It has also been my experience that those we conscript or hire to operate for the public “good” are constantly exposed to the contamination of evil, so we must be forever vigilant for their safety and health, as well as our own.  The clear evidence that we have neglected to operate in this manner can be found by examining the personal and public behavior of those we carelessly allow to operate for the public good — the law enforcement professional.   We permit otherwise well-meaning people to deal in the effluent and filth inherent in the systems we construct for evil purpose and then do nothing extraordinary to ensure their continued health and well-being.  Very quickly we find ourselves at the mercy of the “monsters” our apathy cannot help but create.  The law enforcement professional at middle age finds themselves incapable of sustaining a harmonious committed relationship, at exceptionally high risk for drug and alcohol addiction and at high risk for suicide.

In short, evil has reached the level of a public health crisis in our country and throughout the world.  Those who have demonstrated and displayed the mendacity and atrociousness inherent in their public and private acts need to be quarantined immediately. 

That President Obama has refused to take this very critical public action to promote the general welfare suggests very strongly that he, himself, has become infected.  While strong and decent personal character is necessary to cure evil, it is not sufficient.  Our whole system of government and its infrastructure has been made rotten with evil and must be healed.  Some may take this as a call to arms and to armed revolution; there may be instances where this is precisely what needs to transpire.  Sufficient non-evil behavior in combination with the necessary strong and decent moral character are required to quarantine and neutralize evil starting at the top of our governmental infrastructures and working our way down to the level of individuals.

Non-evil behavior is not pacifism or apathy in the face of a public health crisis, but nor is it the ill-considered firing of weapons in the general direction of a problem.  Non-evil behavior is precise, controlled, measured and appropriate response to the circumstances.  Overwhelming force is indicated where there is concern for the preservation of innocent lives.  But never is non-evil behavior characteristic of braggadocio or egocentric power play.  We have a job to do and it is with great solemnity that we must take from others their right to freely associate.  It is with painful reflection that we take the lives of those too swollen with infection to risk further contact.  But it is with great anticipation that we await a cure for a public health problem we have permitted to dominate and control our very lives for far too long.

A larger list of the infected public is forthcoming, but I would be remiss if I did not hazard a short sample, not in any particular order.

  1. Glenn Beck
  2. The entire Bush Family
  3. The entire Cheney Family
  4. The entire Rumsfeld Family
  5. Bill O’Reilly and his family
  6. Sean Hannity and his family
  7. The entire executive team of every Wall Street brokerage
  8. The entire executive team in charge of every firm operating in the military-industrial complex
  9. Rupert Murdoch and his family
  10. The entire broadcasting and support staffs of all major networks operating within the US.

2 responses to “The Institutionalization of Evil

  1. Whew! You sure had a full head of steam when this came pouring out!

    Not that I disagree with most of your observations. Well maybe the assumption that Obama had not been co-opted long before he took the oath of office, and certainly before much money came his way….

    But frankly our whole society has been contaminated- by the dogma of greed and the idea that money is the only value. Maybe we’re already quarantined- in greater North America.

    Making lists and planning a round-up: that’s what they are likely to do to us, hardly the other way around. Maybe that’s how we know we’re NOT evil.

    • No point in making it easy for the authorities to know the obvious. It’s like telling someone they have HIV for the first time.

      Yes, I think they do plan to commit further atrocities, but it will be against Latin American immigrants, documented and undocumented, first.

      What we should do, and should have done, by now is to apprehend and prepare for trial every member of the upper class conspiracy.

      But Obama would have to have the personality makeup of a Josef Stalin to do what is required.

      Unfortunately, Obama’s shrewdness has, as you suggested, always been turned against the disadvantaged. He wants to be seen as a “winner” at all costs, including any semblence of personal integrity.

      I think Chavez will teach him a lesson. Signalling a surge into Afghanistan is practically a green light to Chavez to begin major operations against Columbia.

      At least, that’s what *I* would do if I were in his shoes. I would act swiftly and decisively to neutralize all American military buildups in and among my neighbors.

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