Conspiracy Nut

This is my new comic strip appearing today in The New Orleans Levee.

What makes this interesting, the action in this cartoon actually happened, save for me running into the car door.

7 responses to “Conspiracy Nut

  1. Bingo as usual Michael! Hope you sent a copy to your two ‘friends’.

  2. here is my comic

    there is supposed to have anext link on top of each drawings.

    Some are in french cause im from Monteal

  3. Good work Michael, Love the Chemtrails in the sky above the riders. (some things are so obvious, we cannot even see it)
    Just heard you on Alex Jones, I love what you all are doing in NOLA. and your idea of street theatre will go over well there.
    Let’s keep getting the message out there as the tyrany gets stranger ever day.
    Keep yelling from the roof tops!
    open your eyes people
    Peace and Love,

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  5. No one with the capacity for critical thinking can believe the 911 fairy tales fed to us by the goverment…no one…read and free your mind.

  6. You could have added a bit more to that cartoon strip , where the journalists go back to their newsrooms and look up the things that were suggested to them and find that General Stubblebine is someone who thinks there is a 20ft hole in the Pentagon, – where would he get that false information from?- Willie Rodrigues who has changed a big rumble, like the sound of moving furniture , into a big explosion that lifted him upwards, WTC7 whose collapse was judged to be only a matter of time by the firechiefs who examined it, and find that a false flag operation intended to blame Osama Bin Laden for 911 and justifly the invasion of Iraq, didn’t plant evidence that Bin Laden was responsible for it, and didn’t involve any Iraqis, or evidence that they were responsible either. A False flag operation without the false flag bit. Is the implication of the last picture that anyone who discribes themselves as a truther is immune from having a fatal accident, dying from a heart attack, etc.? Are we going to have ongoing reports long into the future of ‘Truth activist dies in alleged ‘boating accident’ “? I don’t want to be glib about peoples deaths or lives but that seems to be the implication of it.

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