MCC Celebrates Marriage Equality in Our Nation’s Capital

By Metropolitan Community Churches

On December 15th, the City Council of our nation’s capital announced its passage of legislation guaranteeing marriage equality for the LGBT community.  “It is with exceedingly great joy that I join my voice to the chorus of those celebrating this legislative victory, and the promise of Mayor Adrian Fenty to sign the bill into law,” said The Rev. Nancy Wilson, Moderator of Metropolitan Community Churches. 
Washington, D.C. represented the latest in a string of battlefronts for marriage equality.  The debate was tinged by the threat of the Roman Catholic archdiocese to withdraw all social services offered to the metropolitan area if equality prevailed.
“I think that the Council and the Mayor have demonstrated amazing dedication to the cause of human equality,” said The Rev. Pat Bumgardner, Chair of MCC’s Global Justice Ministry.  “Now all of us who have worked so hard for this moment, must stand firm in our conviction to offer care and support to those in need should the Archdiocese carry through on its challenge.”
“The D.C. decision is a reminder to all of us,” added The Rev. Jim Merritt, Marriage Equality Coordinator for MCC, “of what people standing together for the singular principle of equality and justice for all can accomplish.  This was not a gay or lesbian victory.  It was a victory for human rights.”
The United States Congress, though not expected to intervene, still has thirty days to override the D.C. decision.  “It is important to remember,” said Rev. Bumgardner, “that the city of Washington, D.C. still lacks the basic legislative freedom that other municipalities enjoy.  Now is the time not only to celebrate, but to recommit ourselves to the work of freedom, equality and justice for all.”
If you would like to join the fight for the human right of marriage equality, please contact The Rev. Jim Merritt at

“Marriage equality will become the rule of our land, because human equality is God’s will.” The Rev. Nancy Wilson

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