Cat and Deer; You and Me

copyright © 2009 Betsy L. Angert.

He was a Nigerian man, a foreign-born nationalist, a terrorist, or one who at least attempted to threatened the tranquility of a plane. Most people see this individual as someone unlike “me.” The word is we must do all we can to protect ourselves. Surely, this incident reminds us that we must require stronger security measures. Today, with the news of another “menace” in our midst people, once again, presume society as we know it is not a safe place.Americans, Afghanis, Anglos, African Americans, Armenians, Asians, [name the archetype of your choice] proclaim the other is an opponent. Millions muse; is us against them. Enemies are everywhere. Forever humans find reason to call our brethren brutal, a bully, and, or a bad person. In a world where we typically think of the alien, those different than us, as a potential antagonist, it is important to realize that aggression is not instinctual. Hatred and hostility are born out of fear.

Mankind kills in order not to be killed. He, or she, massacres the masses in hope that one person, a foe will be found. Rarely do humans reflect on the kitten and the deer. Nor do we dare take the time to learn of the authentic you and me. We race ‘round. Few stop to smell the essence of friendship. Less let themselves feel what their fellowman feels. Empathy is barely evident in our culture. Compassion is not as common as cruelty.

Perchance, people might ponder; a bit of curiosity did not kill the kitty who sniffed the deer. A fawn becomes a friend, a cat a compassionate companion. Oh, what a wonderful world it would be if you, and me, were as those beings, that humans are quick to define as beasts.

Please ponder possibilities. If you wish to, you might see the world beyond conventional wisdoms or the apprehensions we share.

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