I Am the Resistance

By Jessica Isla

Honduran feminist and coup resister Jessica Isla introduces the faces of those who flooded the streets to protest the overthrow of Manuel Zelaya’s democratically elected government. Despite Roberto Micheletti’s military-backed coup, the women, men and youth of Honduras continue resisting. They are an inspiration to everyone opposing imperialism and fighting for dignity, freedom of speech and workers’ power throughout the world.

I Am the Resistance

I am this body marked by blows
that walks day after day under the sun,
under this uncertain sky of flying machines,
amongst gusts of smoke and
the sound of rifles

I am an infinite number of faces:
the murdered boy,
the grandmother walking
the Lenca people armed with infinite patience
The woman painting banners,
The girl on crutches
Each facing alone or joined together
The olive green walls weighed down with violence

I can say that from my body many odors emanate
The fresh-cooked montuca
The tortilla and the beans
The sweaty hands and tired bodies,
but also
the smell of shed blood
of gas and gunpowder
the smell of death and of fear.

My throat
is crowded with voices:
I am in the passionate discussions at meetings
the teacher’s shout
the story of the young woman who was raped,
In the protest of the beaten, of the tortured
In the voice that sings in the streets

I am thousands of hats and
hundreds of words,
I am embraces, tears,
tenderness, bursts of laughter.

I am full of smiles that illuminate the day
colors that come from every place
I have joy, an urge to dance,
I have hope.
Because without me the streets
Would be left alone,

Because without me the walls would say nothing
Because I am your hands, your tired feet,
Your voice.

I am the resistance

Poet-activist Suyapa inspired this poem written by Jessica Isla, a spokesperson for Las Feministas en Resistencia (Feminists in Resistance). Translated by Laura Mannen of Radical Women for the Freedom Socialist newspaper. www.socialism.com

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