Go, Van, Go: Stop ObamaCare

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My two cents is I am getting healthcare outside the US at this moment because I cannot afford US healthcare. I cannot afford health insurance. I’m paying 1/3 of the US estimate, and that includes my airfare, food, hotel, and rides to and from the medical center.

2 responses to “Go, Van, Go: Stop ObamaCare

  1. Rady, I hope your health is better. My two cents is: in latest years a growing community of US ex-pats as been developing in Buenos Aires and other cities of Argentina. Some are pensioners, other ventured in business like wineries, real estate or cattle; there are the tango fans and also the globetrotters networkers. But all of them emphasize the affordable quality health care fees; I even heard warm testimonies about the attention in public hospitals after a street accident (being free they made a contribution from their own will). A friend of mine is a MD with a light cerebral condition from birth who was plainly unable to get an insurance in the USA. It’s hard to understand how come such a developed country afford not to protect it’s citizens health as a birthright. What’s the point to be the world’s most powerful country, then? My best.

    • thanks for your kind thoughts, Bob. I’m getting better, thank you

      As to “world’s most powerful nation” – unfortunately, it seems the goons in charge take that to mean “world’s most destructive nation”. Our current crop of rulers continuously prove to be psychopaths, thieves and liars.

      We are ruled by thugs; they care naught for us regular citizens except how much they can extort from us, to wit: forcing us to bailout wealthy banksters; forcing us to buy insurance, a scam industry; forcing us to pay for their illegal resource wars.

      USA rulers care naught for the environment – when the US invades a country with guns and later drills and bulldozers, it poisons the ground for 1,000 years.

      So we see why USA rulers cannot provide universal healthcare; they’re not about caring for society; they only exist to increase their own profits.

      Screw all of them.

      Forgive my anger, Bob – but after last week’s Supreme Court decision, there can be no doubt that thugs, thieves and psychopaths have seized the seats of power.

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