Could Vancouver 2010 be the next 9/11?

By Marc Stinebaugh

I now believe I have reasonable grounds to bring into suspicion that there may be a “false flag” terrorist attack during the Olympics in Canada, which take place in Vancouver and Whistler from Feb. 12th until Feb. 28th. I have compiled the following suspicious activity that I have found through various media sources. I’m not going to go as deep into each point as I could, and I will try to source information as best as I can, but some of it also comes from my own sources which I am not able to provide a link to.


1. Two tons out of 6,000 tons of Ammonium Nitrate, (a material used in making powerful explosives) have gone missing from a shipment to a storage facility in the Vancouver area from a company that was recently bought out for $22 billion by some of the world’s largest financial companies. These companies are Goldman Sachs, AIG, The Carlye Group and others. The company that was purchased is called Kinder Morgan. Kinder Morgan didn’t report the two tons missing for over a month, when they did report it they came back a week later only to say they simply made a “clerical error”. Soon after the announcement, the RCMP started their investigation and came back only to say they can’t confirm that it was really accounted for. Kinder Morgan has also tried to point out that they are only one company in the chain that had contact with the shipments. 250 truck loads were sent to Dyno Nobel, an explosives company for packaging. There were also trucking companies hired to ship the product that the RCMP is attempting to track down. To put this into perspective, it is claimed that only one ton of this material was used during the Oklahoma City bombing, and now two tons are missing. That amount is more than enough material to cause substantial damage to numerous locations. With all of this said, the question arises, who has the capability and motive to steal two tons of Ammonium Nitrate? (Ammonium Nitrate not confirmed to be accounted for) (Kinder Morgan bought out by financial giants)

2. The media is suddenly going wild about how Al-Qaeda terrorists in Afghanistan are now using Ammonium Nitrate for explosives and the Afghani government has banned the use of the material. (Al-Qaeda behind recent Ammonium Nitrate bombing) (Afghanistan bans Ammonium Nitrate fertilizer)

3. Right on cue, as if it were a screenplay, four days before the State of the Union address, the guy you have all heard of since 9/11 and haven’t seen in a long time and who is probably dead, Mr. Usama Bin Laden ladies and gentlemen, give him a round of applause! He just came out in what is probably going to turn out to be yet another faked video and he predictably praised the underwear bomber that burned his genitals in a failed bombing attempt on Christmas Day of 2009 and said the attacks will continue until we stop supporting Israel. In fact, look just how effective these guys are, they can get our freedoms taken away by our own governments, simply by penetrating our security and hurting only themselves in the process, clever aren’t they? (Bin Laden, just in time)

4. In a recent development Canadian parliament has been prorogued (A term where they are suspended typically in order to make new legislation and where all dictatorial power resides within the Prime Minister.) until March 3rd (Remember that date.) after the games. The Prime Minister has also been given the sole responsibility for making the call to shoot down any highjacked aircraft; normally this is someone else’s job.
This is the same as before 9/11 where Dick Cheney was given control of the military air defenses for a short time due to war games being conducted and he denied the request to shoot down the plane approaching the Pentagon. This was testified to by the Transportation Secretary, Norman Mineta in front of the 9/11 Commission, though no mention of this was in the final report. (Parliament Prorogued) (Dick Cheney on 911 info) (Norman Mineta before the 911 Commission) (PM in charge)

5. On February 14th 2008, Canada and the US signed an agreement which allows for the deployment of US troops inside Canada.
And if the military wasn’t enough, police officers are allowed to come play too now!
New maritime security law will deputize U.S. officers “in every part of Canada” during integrated operations. (North American Union anyone?)
“On November 27, Public Safety Minister Peter Van Loan and Justice Minister Rob Nicholson tabled legislation that would transform designated U.S. police and security agents into peace officers equal to the RCMP “in every part of Canada” during joint maritime border operations.”

6. British Columbia’s privacy office has been frozen leaving the government unaccountable, says a leaked letter.
“Operations at the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner have ceased, leaving British Columbians with no independent office to hold the government accountable, says a leaked letter marked “Extremely Urgent” to the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly. The letter, sent Friday, is from the executive director of the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner, Mary Carlson, and is addressed to Bill Barisoff. She said staff have shut down the whole operation to avoid any legal issues that could arise from reviewing cabinet files or law-enforcement information. Their duties also include opening appeal files and privacy complaints, securing and reviewing records on the subject of an appeal, authorizing time extensions to respond to access requests and policing the timeliness of government responses to access requests.”

7. The same company Verint, whose camera systems inconveniently for us malfunctioned on 7/7/05 during the London Bombings, was the same company to install cameras in Vancouver Airport, the subways in Montreal, and may even be the same company whose cameras are being set up around the area to provide security. Also worthy of noting is that during a large terrorist attack, as the DOW goes down, stocks at Verint have always shown to have gone up. They also apparently had part in the security of the airports involved during 9/11 and were found to be connected to the bombings in Madrid on 3/11 as well.

8. Just like 9/11 in New York, and just like the London bombings on 7/7, and just like the Madrid Bombings on 3/11, there will still be hundreds of thousands of people in the area on 3/3 trying to get out using the underground rail, boats, planes and other various modes of transportation. Locals from the area will also be returning home at this time. The events officially end on Feb. 28th, 2010. Notice the pattern of doubled odd numbers with each of the three previous “terrorist attacks”.

9. The media is going wild about how Al-Qaeda terrorists in Afghanistan are now using Ammonium Nitrate for explosives.

10. Right on cue, the guy you haven’t seen in a long time, Mr. Usama Bin Laden just came out and hailed the underwear bomber that burned his genitals in a failed bombing attempt on Christmas Day of 2009 and said the attacks will continue until we stop supporting Israel.

11. It seems that the elites have prior knowledge already! What are they afraid of if the largest joint security operation ever taken on by Canada and the US is there to protect them? “Obama is not alone; presidents and prime minister of other countries around the globe are sending representatives as well.”

In addition to this, a source of my own says that the wealthiest neighborhoods of the Vancouver area (which are also the least affected by Olympic traffic) have chosen to close their schools due to traffic concerns. For those not as wealthy – those that actually live and attend school very nearby the Olympic games – school may just continue as always.

My source in Vancouver speaking about school closings:

“One last thing to note – speaking of the elite – the wealthy and most powerful neighborhood of Vancouver is West Vancouver, located on the North Shore next to North Vancouver. (This is the city you have to drive through to get from Vancouver to Whistler). We have many friends in this area too, due to work, and we noticed one very strange thing. The entire West Van school district has closed down for the entire games. They started school 3 weeks early in order to accommodate the Olympic break. Why, this is strange. Although traffic has to go through a small part of West Vancouver (from downtown over the lions gate bridge to Taylor Way, then on to the #1hwy northbound to Whistler), it’s not that big of a disruption to schools. Most of them are located well away from the Park Royal area and Hwy that they won’t be effected by the excess traffic.

No Olympic events are scheduled to take place in West Vancouver, unlike other surrounding cities who are host venues and located much further away from the downtown village (like Surrey, Richmond, Burnaby, all 30-45 mins away, while West Van is only 5-10). They feel that the Olympics will be too much for the students, and they ARE THE ONLY SCHOOL DISTRICT TO BE LET OUT! No other area, even those more involved like Richmond, also home to the airport, have closed their school districts. NOT EVEN NORTH VANCOUVER, which is right beside West Van on the north shore have done this. Many of our friends kids attend elementary & high schools there, both public & private, and it is said that 85% of the students’ parents were planning to be “gone” for the games, to Mexico, Hawaii, etc. This is why the school board complied and let the whole school out, seems the kids of the wealthy will not be around during the games… this is VERY strange to all of us here. Sorry I don’t have a link, but I know at least 15 of those kids are on my FB as well as I know at least 8 of the parents personally.”

12. Olympic protests are being rightly predicted to be held by people who are labeled radicals, (who in the public mind have begun being associated with “terrorists” and labeled “domestic terrorists”) some of the protesters may be radicals and some have publicly stated that they will use violence to disrupt the Olympic games. Certainly though, not all of the protestors are violent extremists. That to me is suspicious as well, who would publicly call for acts of violence and destruction other than corrupt governments or other smaller terrorist groups? As if this isn’t enough, Vancouver Integrated Security Unit basically stated that they would not necessarily rule out using agent provocateurs in protests. (Police won’t rule out using agent provocateurs) (Olympic protestors called terrorists) (Anti-Olympic protestor supports violent direct action)

13. We also have some strange things happening that have proven in the past to be unusually accurate about predicting the future (Ex. Tom Clancy’s novel that predicted the incident between Russian and Georgia). Here, we find a recent novel written about the Olympics being attacked by terrorists in 2010 in Vancouver, setting the precedent that this is something possible and we should expect it and be afraid. This also is used, once again to cause us to recall a traumatic event such as 9/11 (by the Al Qaeda association) and associate it with the new one so the same programming carries over. (Olympics attack novel: BC Red Snow)

14. Another strange thing someone noticed is that we have a Hollywood movie (2012) placed in the year 2012, (a movie about the destruction of the world and the elite leaving behind the masses in protective bunkers only to save themselves) mentioning British Columbia 2010. Why was that put in there? Before 9/11 we saw 9/11 in the movies, on TV shows, in books and in video games. Someone knew a long time ago what was being planned for the future. (2012 clip) (8 part series showing the Illuminati, New World Order, Freemasonry and 9/11 in entertainment before 9/11)

15. There will still be hundreds of thousands of people in the area on March 3rd trying to get out using the underground rail, boats, planes and other various modes of transportation. This sets the stage as a prime target for a large death toll and mass hysteria. Locals from the area will also be returning home at this time. The events officially end on Feb. 28th, 2010. Also, notice the pattern of doubled odd numbers with each of the three previous false flag terrorism events,; 3/11 in Madrid, 9/11 in New York, 7/7 in London, and possibly 3/3 in Vancouver. Could another false flag fall on March 3rd?

16. There was a foiled “terror plot” called the “Toronto 18” in which the people involved were arrested and detained. Their plan was reportedly to behead the Prime Minister and use Ammonium Nitrate bombs to blow up targets around Canada. The leader has been sentenced to prison for life and is serving that time, but another walked away free after being sentenced 7 years in prison because of his four years already spent in jail. Why did the judge let someone who states he wants people to die to leave jail? And what has happened to the other 16 people? (Terrorism conspirator walks free) (Mastermind sentenced to life)

17. An electrical hydro vault in downtown Vancouver also exploded recently and injured three workers while they were doing “regular maintenance”. Electrical maintenance on a thing they claim isn’t even being used for anything? Now, I don’t know about you, but that’s at least a little bit odd to me. Especially when in the novel that I mentioned earlier, the author calls for cutting power to areas in order to facilitate the terrorist attacks. None of the workers have been named or interviewed by anyone at all and the cause of the explosion is still “under investigation” by WorkSafe BC. Could this relate to preparations for an attack? Was it a cover for illegal things happening nearby? Or was it just an accident? (Workers injured in downtown blast)

18. The Canadian government bought over $1 million worth of tickets, over 3,200 seats, and refuses to tell why, or who gets them, if anyone does.

19. A pipe bomb was found at a mall in Burnaby, BC and detonated by law enforcement. You scared yet? (Pipe bomb detonated)

20. Originally, tickets were sold out in two days, prices varied but went as high as $750 per event. Soon after, those who purchased the tickets began to resell them online for higher prices, some as high as $5,000. Ticket sales at those prices have been steady for months until a couple of weeks ago. Suddenly tickets aren’t being purchased, and lots of people are selling their tickets! Tickets are now being sold at prices lower than they were originally. Usually, before an event, the price will go up, but apparently people don’t want to go now, why would that be? Is it that after 9/11, spotting false-flag terrorism is so much easier and people have seen these things on their own? Is it that people don’t trust their own governments? No, it’s becoming more evident that they don’t, and they shouldn’t.

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