Control freaks want web licences to end bloggers’ anonymity – be very afraid

By Gerald Warner
Telegraph UK

The American blogosphere is going increasingly “viral” about a proposal advanced at the recent meeting of the Davos Economic Forum by Craig Mundie, chief research and strategy officer for Microsoft, that an equivalent of a “driver’s licence” should be introduced for access to the web. This totalitarian call has been backed by articles and blogs in Time magazine and the New York Times.

As bloggers have not been slow to point out, the system being proposed is very similar to one that the government of Red China reluctantly abandoned as too repressive. It was inevitable that, sooner or later, the usual unholy alliance of government totalitarians and big business would attempt to end the democratic free-for-all that is the blogosphere. The United Nations is showing similar interest in moving to eliminate free speech.

The recent uprising in the blogosphere that resulted in the overturning of the Global Warming consensus can only have focused our rulers’ attention more acutely on this infuriating challenge to their totalitarian control. “What will go next?” they must be asking themselves. Unrestricted immigration? Punitive taxation? Even the European Union? With the helots exploiting a loophole in the PC Curtain that has otherwise been so remorselessly drawn down over freedom of expression, the internet represents a dangerously subversive force, fulfilling the role in the West that was formerly performed by samizdat publications inside the Soviet Union.

American protesters are most vociferous in defence of their rights because that is their culture. Some of them claim that British people are being dangerously indifferent to the long-term potential for censorship of the so-called Digital Economy Bill being slithered through Parliament by Lord Mandelson. The inference they draw is that, just as Britons supinely submitted to firearms legislation that has led to a situation where “only the bad guys have guns”, we may be sleepwalking into internet slavery.

The technique is familiar. The powers-that-be allow a scandalous situation to develop whereby no serious attempt is made to police paedophile, pornographic and criminal activity on the web. Then the authorities use the excuse of public concern to overreact and impose Draconian controls that police ordinary citizens but are usually circumvented by criminals. It is a familiar scenario, offline as well as in cyberspace.

A “driver’s licence” for the web would be Christmas every day of the year for the control freaks. One can all too easily imagine the criteria applied to licence applications. (“Name? Delingpole…? You wot! ’Ere, I’ve got your number, mate – you’re that bloke wot feeds polar-bear steaks to kids innit. Internet licence? I should coco! On yer bike, mate, it’s more than my job’s worth to be seen talking to you…”)

Without the internet, the completely fictitious global warming “consensus” would still be unchallenged, state power massively enlarged, $54 trillion of Western taxpayers’ money flooding into the coffers of carbon companies and people’s lives made miserable by totalitarian restrictions imposed to counter a non-existent threat. I forecast that the right to anonymity on the internet will become one of the most fiercely contested issues over the coming decade. Be very afraid…

2 responses to “Control freaks want web licences to end bloggers’ anonymity – be very afraid

  1. You might get a kick out of two new videos:

    “Frozen Wasteland”
    by Minnesotan’s For Global Warming

    and one of its replies:

    “Climategate Glaciergate…: Hitler’s Last Straw”
    by expvid012010

    which you can find here:

    The second one is the one with two women in the picture.
    The caption is partially obscured, it says:
    “We told so many lies, young scientists are totally [confused]”

    Here is the lead in from the clips comment page:

    “As chief operating officer for the cabal of Billionaires who control the global warming scam, Hitler quickly realizes the long range implications of “Glaciergate”.”

    “Frozen Wasteland” can be found in the number 2 favorite slot.

    • pretty funny….

      btw, i took a survey several years ago… probably 2006 or 05, at a science museum that had a display dedicated to environmental issues. Along with most people at that time, I ranked global warming at the bottom.

      as time passed I thought it was interesting how much attn global warming got. I changed my mind after seeing inconvenient truth.

      then the emails got released exposing the cooler temps…

      now I think the whole thing is a scam… took me a while to go back to square one.

      but when you look at chemtrails, GMO food, DU weapons, the oil soaked rainforests…. you can’t help but conclude that there is a sub variety of humans running things, whose scientific name is Homo sapiens insanitus

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