Séralini Speaks: Organ Damage Linked to GM Maize

By Rady Ananda

Much attention has been given to our breaking piece, Three Approved GMOs Linked to Organ Damage, with hundreds of websites around the globe publishing it – from North and South America to Europe, Asia and Africa. Bullhorn Journal has just posted an interview with Séralini, the scientist spokesperson for the research team that revealed the organ damage link:

Experts estimate between 70 to 95% of food sold in the US contains genetically modified organisms, with no notice to consumers. You can avoid GMOs by eating organic, growing your own (from non-hybrid, heirloom seeds), and avoiding all processed foods. You can also use this Non-GMO Shopping Guide, which can be downloaded as an app.

Don’t expect the US government to protect you: its policy favors unlabeled GM foods. You’re on your own to educate yourself as to the best diet for you.

6 responses to “Séralini Speaks: Organ Damage Linked to GM Maize

  1. This technology has run wild, with lobbying instead of safety testing, and marketing instead of protection of public health. A crippling outbreak is inevitable unless the public boycots these foods. Organic corn is still available, but only just. If we wait too long, the entire seed stock will be polluted.

  2. I live in Canada but am quite aware of the insidious control of GM foods in the US. Americans have to quit speaking about it and doing something – take ACTION. Canadians are busy protesting, voting with their wallets and educating people by various means around the country.

    Monsanto and ‘friends’ do not release results because it ‘violates their patents and IP’. Load of crap of course, but our governments in North America are not run by Harper and Obama. Harper gave Canada away last July to 10 big corps. They can’t show long term testing – because there isn’t any!

    And we assume the rise in cancer (1 in 3 now), autism, allergies, obesity and many other health issues are ‘normal’. Humans don’t have any reason to get sick. Our bodies don’t do this ‘naturally’. Our body is attacked by poisons in many forms. THAT is how we get sick. My conversations with GM advocates are hysterical. Can’t wait until it falls on their doorstep.

    GMO’s are out everywhere but the US where they are advancing at an alarming rate. DO something! Stand up! Take action! Quit talking. Start educating.

    April Reeves, Steering Committee, GE Free BC (CBAN)

    • You’ve come to one of the sites that is very active in educating and getting the word out, April. But I do understand your distress since the USA is out of control in the GMO area (to name one…) and spreads this threat to the world.

      Here’s a link to a new presentation: “The Adventures of Aggie
      The Traveling Agrobacterium”- it’s a great educational tool!

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  4. Thank you for your interview.
    There are some mistakes in the written text and in the oral commentary, please correct these :
    In the text
    My name writes Prof Gilles-Eric Séralini and not Gille-Eric nor Gil
    CRIIGEN didn’t sue Monsanto; we asked for raw data, and the German government gave to the public the data, Monsanto sued the german government and lost
    I didn’t publish in Nature but in NatureNews (subgroup of the journal)
    CRIIGEN is the Committee of Independant Research and Information on Genetic Engineering
    As explained above, I didn’t fight against Monsanto : « It took three years to obtain the raw data that Monsanto wanted to hide » would be an exact formulation
    GMOs were released with toxicological tests, but only 90d long on rats !
    Finally (8:58) : should read : « They have admitted there were some effects but not that they have misinterpreted these effects ».
    In your oral comments
    I am president of the scientific council of CRIIGEN and not of CRIIGEN, the president is Corinne LEPAGE, euro-deputy and former french minister of environment
    Thank you, that does not change fundamentally the meaning of the interview, but I prefer that it is exact.
    Best regards,
    Prof GE Séralini

    • Thank you for your comment, Dr. Seralini.

      Your feedback is appropriately addressed to Bullhorn Journal who produced the YouTube. I merely copied the youtube here and introduced it.

      Your corrections should be posted at the YouTube link for Bullhorn to see:

      Thank you for your work in this area.

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