Stack died in order to be heard

Full report, plus video and text of suicide note here:

“Small plane hits Austin building, sets off blaze + Man flies aircraft into Texas tax office after setting home on fire + Online suicide note”

3 responses to “Stack died in order to be heard

  1. Sorry, Claudia.

    Stack died in order to die.

    Apparently we don’t brainwash our children with the truth that we, as individuals, are completely powerless.

    Competition distracts us from the dreariness just long enough to make things bearable. But if we are afflicted with the curse of thinking too much, eventually the conflict we draw towards ourselves is too much to bear alone.

    Stack preferred being alone. If he wanted people around him, he would have stayed the hell away from the accordion.

  2. Maybe we could work the 9/11 collapse into an homage for accordions.

    A little Lawrence Welk music, a few cuts of him going, “a one-a, and a two-a, and a three-a,” and using that timing as the standard for all skyscraper controlled demolitions.

    “Ah, no, Bill. Lawrence only barely made it to four counts before those buildings touched their toes.”

    “You see? You see what we have to deal with in public service?! Conspiracy theorists! Everywhere! Aaarghhhh!”

    If the Reich-wing can be nuts, I think Progressives should be, too. In our own unique, satirical way.

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