Top Ten Posts Week Ending March 11

By Rady Ananda

One week after the first and last Top Ten report, I lay in a hospital bed with a tube in my chest. I couldn’t update the new weekly report. I survived a lung collapse, quit smoking and increased my exercise regimen. I’ll be a thorn to the New World Order for at least another decade or two.

As will these writers:

Top Ten Articles


Week ending March 11, 2010



Full-body scanners may damage human DNA (Jan.11, 2010) Mike Adams 461
Entire February 2010 Issue of American Behavioral Scientist Devoted to State Crimes Against Democracy: The Case of September 11, 2001 (Mar.5, 2010) Elizabeth Woodworth 415
The 911 Mass Murder Is Exploding in Their Dirty Faces (Mar.6, 2010) Paul Craig Roberts 306
First Iceland, then the World (Mar.7, 2010) Michael Collins 202
It’s the Military Industrial Complex, Stupid (Mar.8, 2010) Tom Degan 149
Ten Swine Flu Lies Told by the Mainstream Media (Sep.19, 2009) Mike Adams 124
Netanyahu behind Obama birth rumors: Report (Aug.14, 2009) Press TV 105
Che Guevara, until Victory Always (Nov.13, 2009) Fidel Castro 95
Foot in the Door: Capitalism and Health Care (Nov.4, 2009) Stephen Fleischman 71
In Drinking Water, What’s Legal Can Be Poisonous (Dec.21, 2009) OMB Watch 71

Bolded authors are COTO Reporters.

3 responses to “Top Ten Posts Week Ending March 11

  1. You had better last another couple of decades. We need you in the fight.



    I feel GREAT!


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