The Dennis Kucinich Sellout on Health Insurance

By John Kusumi

There are no more heroes any more. In the fullness of 30 years, I have rooted for the alternatives: John Anderson, Ron Paul, Jerry Brown, Ross Perot, Ralph Nader, David Cobb, Dennis Kucinich. Then I come to find:

John Anderson is a globalist;
Ron Paul is weak on human rights;
(Here’s a news line: In a landslide vote, the U.S. House of Representatives voted 412–1 on Tuesday to call for an end to the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in China.
–Guess who was the one vote against it? Ron Paul.)
Jerry Brown sold out to the globalized free trade agenda;
Dennis Kucinich just caved in for a corporate welfare bailout of the health insurance industry. The result will be private profits, mandated to come out of your pocket.

And Bill Press is on the side of this corporate welfare bailout!

There are no more heroes any more!

Yesterday I retweeted: When St. Patrick Drove The SNAKES Out Of Ireland They All Went To Pelosi’s Congress

Even Pelosi herself used to be a hero for her pro-Chinese democracy activism after Tiananmen Square. She voted against PNTR for Communist China (hooray!) and then she voted FOR PNTR for Communist Vietnam!

There are no more heroes any more!

I guess that I still like Ross Perot, Ralph Nader, and David Cobb, and in 1984 I was an alternative candidate on my own.

But at the rate that American heroes are going south, maybe I’ll open up the newspaper tomorrow and learn that Ross Perot is in favor of NAFTA! Sheesh.


3 responses to “The Dennis Kucinich Sellout on Health Insurance

  1. Sad about Kucinich. The problem with the US system is that it was a REACTION to the British system. The British system keeps morality and ethical conduct paragons inside the walls of Windsor Castle (without much success, as we’ve seen), which frees up the Prime Minister and other functionaries to fly completely under the radar.

    It was arrogance, in other words, for our Founders (most of whom were princely land-owner types) to presume that royalty and politics could be coresident in the same human being. Clearly that has not been the case.

    It would be nice if it were possible, but would you rather have someone in your corner with mud on their shoes versus having them so shot full of holes (literally or figuratively) that they are of no use to anyone.

    Let’s not forget the ENORMOUS power we have allowed corporations and the elites to have in this country since the mid to late 19th century.

    It was OUR responsibility to keep these cockroaches out of the corn and we failed then, and now.

    Woodrow Wilson failed us, bigtime. So did Hoover. So did Harding. So did LBJ, Nixon, Reagan, Bush and Clinton. Everyone else was just trapped by the machinations of their predecessors.

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  3. Bummer about Kucinich. Thanks for recognizing Nader’s been standing strong and firm for decades, and still is. People I met during his campaign are still fighting strong for single payer, voter rights and accountability OF government to the people, especially with California’s top two push to restrict those who can even campaign and independent voices.

    I can’t believe just last week Kucinich was talking like this would harm what little single payer progress there is making state projects vulnerable to lawsuits, and make the people vulnerable to insurance health care profit predators.

    He couldn’t vote for this in good conscience last week. What happened?

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