Health care passes 219-212, bill summarized

By John Kusumi

Word is getting around. “House passes health care bill on 219-212 vote.” That’s the headline on a CNN article, a link to which appeared on Facebook, posted by my friend Erping Zhang.

Erping was educated at Harvard’s JFK School of Government, runs the Association for Asian Research, and is a spokesman for FDI, the Falun Dafa Information Center. Call him the Falun Gong spokesman; you may have seen him on C-Span in that capacity.

Erping also asked, “How many people have read the bill? Can anyone tell me what it is about?”

I took the bait, and rose to the challenge.

I had already tweeted, “The law just passed is corporate welfare(blended w baby steps in the rt dir). It’s noxious, objectionable, and should cut out the middle man”.

I am no fan of corporate welfare, and I am no fan of the bill that just passed.

However, Erping was asking for the widest possible overview. Taking it from the top, I said–

At one time, Rudy Giuliani was mayor of New York City, and he “solved” the problem of homelessness in New York City. How? By passing a law making it illegal to be homeless there.

Of course, the problem remains, but a politician was able to declare victory and go home.

Tonight, the U.S. Congress “solved” the problem of people without health insurance. How? By passing a law making it illegal to not buy health insurance.

Plenty of problems will remain, but the politicians are patting themselves on the back, declaring victory, and going home.

How’s that for a short bill summary? 🙂


2 responses to “Health care passes 219-212, bill summarized

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  2. WOO HOO! That’s IT

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