Fun with the GOP at BuzzFlash

Here’s the latest four buzzes, giving you a sense of what’s on the mind of some Lefties:

Go ahead; buzz the one I submitted.

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GOP turned off by size of Obama’s package

sent by geobear since few seconds Real headline; real insurance industry bailout.tags: healthcare, humor, mediano commentscategory: Health and Wellness edit 2 buzzes

Republican opposition to Health Care Reform is primarily racist

sent by rackjite since 7 minutesThe big question is whether “independents” – who are just Republicans unhappy with the GOP TALIBAN crowd – will suck up all this hateful racist crap? Independents being whiter than they are engaged I have little confidence in them doing the right thing. And if you haven’t figured it out yet, doing the right thing is called SOCIALISM.tags: republican race1 commentscategory: Elections

¿problema?irrelevantold newsspamduplicateprovocativewrong news2 buzzes

If the GOP Were a Car It Would Only Have One Gear: Reverse

sent by buzzer since 8 minutesWhatever its shortfalls — and there are many — Obama emerged with a gargantuan political victory for those who think that we are a nation that should be united in responding to need — and not a country mired in greed.tags: hcr, gop, obamano commentscategory: Barack Obama

¿problema?irrelevantold newsspamduplicateprovocativewrong news3 buzzes

Health bill included big Republican idea: individual mandate

icon gravatar.com…
sent by protect_democracy since 19 minutesThe lawsuit by McCollum, a candidate for governor, and 12 other attorneys general, focuses on the provision that virtually all Americans will need to have health insurance by 2014 or face penalties. The lawsuit calls this an “unprecedented encroachment on the liberty of individuals.” It states the Constitution doesn’t authorize such a mandate, the proposed tax penalty is unlawful and is an “unprecedented encroachment on the sovereignty of the states.” “The truth is this is a Republican idea,” said Linda Quick, president of the South Florida Hospital and Healthcare Association. She said she first heard the concept of the “individual mandate” in a Miami speech in the early 1990s by Sen. John McCain, a conservative Republican from Arizona, to counter the “Hillarycare” the Clintons were proposing. Read more:

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  1. radi.. what is actually the livebuzz..

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